Refresher Course to Importing a Boat Trailer Into Canada

Importing a Boat Trailer Into Canada

Have you been wondering how to go about importing a boat trailer into Canada? An easy solution is to hire a broker and allow them to complete the processes for you. Going about it this way will likely cost you time to find a broker and then the money to pay them. If you wish to avoid that route you can do all the processing yourself. When going about this process, you want to keep all of your documentation organized. This will make it easier should you need to present those papers when moving your boat trailer across the Canadian border.

The documents you’ll need are licenses like ownership and driver’s. You’ll also need ads, invoices for the purchase and titles. To be safe and make sure that you’re not getting into any legal issues, you want to ensure that any boat you purchase doesn’t have liens or mortgages against it. When reviewing your paperwork you’ll want to look for the value of your purchase. There should be a true number of the value of the boat as well as what you paid to purchase it. This information may come in handy if you need to relay it during any questions from Canada Custom officials.

Importing a Boat Trailer Into Canada

The boat’s bill of sale and proof of ownership will need to be presented. This will also need include information like the taxes paid. Keep in mind that if your boat was not built in the United States, Canada or Mexico you’ll have to pay the federal duty tax. A big issue that you need to avoid is the misunderstanding of where your boat was purchased. If you want to own that boat, you need to buy it by bringing it through the Canadian importing process properly. Your new vessel will only be considered officially Canadian after you have gone about the process of having it legally imported and licensed or registered.

If you’re worried about boat registrations and licensing, don’t be. There are only a few easy steps in the process to getting it done. Again, you can hire a broker if you feel it’s necessary but it will be more cost effective to handle it yourself. You can gain a lot of pride and get an education on the matter by doing it yourself. This can also help if you plan to do the process again in the future! So, as long as you have made sure you have proof of boat ownership and deletion of registration you’re ready to start. One of the best and fastest ways to get the registration process done quick is by using third party processors like us who process the documentation for you. Take some time to browse our website. We can help you get started.  For more information, give us a call at 1(800) 419-9569.