Receive and Properly Display Your Vessel’s Hull Identification Number

Hull Identification Number

Are you trying to receive your Hull Identification Number? Well, this isn’t as simple as asking for it and getting it painted. You’ll have to file for your vessel registration before you get it.

Guide to the Hull Identification Number

So, if you’re purchasing a new vessel then you’re probably looking to get your vessel’s identification number. Why? Well, it’s an incredibly important part of the ownership process. Similarly to your own ID number, this serves as a reference point for all paperwork associated with your boat going forward, as well as its day to day operations. Here, you will find everything you’ll need to know about the process to get your Hull Identification Number and what you’ll need to do with it.

Get Your Identification Number

In order for you to get your vessel’s hull identification number, you will have to register it with Transport Canada, which is a process in and of itself. Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated, but it does require some attention to detail throughout the process in order to get it done right. Don’t worry, you can do all that right here on the National Vessel Documentation Center platform. All you have to do is head over to the initial registration option on our menu and fill out the form with the necessary information about both the vessel and the owner. Once you do this and attach the bill of sale, you can pay the application fee and submit it directly through our site to Transport Canada. You will be receiving your vessel documentation in no time.

Display Your Hull Number

So, you received your boating documentation and, along with it, your hull number. Great! Now, you will have to display the corresponding number in accordance with the Transport Canada guidelines. After all, getting your hull identification number will be very important, but so will making sure that it is properly displayed on the vessel going forward. Let’s take a look at the specific requirements for these displays.

  • Both the name of the boat and the registration number need to be displayed on both sides of the vessel’s hull.
  • Letter markings have to be at least 10 centimeters or 4 inches.
  • Permanent markings need to be etched or affixed regarding tonnage and similar statistics.
  • For obvious reasons, the number needs to be above the waterline.
  • The color of the letters needs to distinctly contrast with the color of the bow.

Hull Identification Number
File For Vessel Documentation

No one likes to have to submit documentation applications, everyone knows that. However, that is exactly why we at the National Vessel Documentation Center have set up an easy-to-use platform that makes those filings everyone finds so tedious and inconvenient all the more simple and straightforward. Here you will find all the forms you might need in order to file for boat registration, a pleasure craft license, or just about any other relevant vessel procedure. For more information about any of these applications, boating documentation regulations, or Transport Canada filing requirements, feel free to reach out to our team by way of our contact page. We’re here to help.