The Pleasures of Registration: What the Canadian Vessel Registration Can Do

the Canadian Vessel registry

Summer is the perfect time of year to boat in a Canadian vessel. The temperatures are warm, the nights cool, and the water is pristine. There’s no better time to get out onto the water and take advantage of the season. To really enjoy it without hassles or worry, a boater would want to have all the proper documentation. Typically, that means registering their vessel with the Canadian Vessel Registry. Many folks think that’s synonymous with having a boat license. In actuality, they’re two entirely different things. Both are good to have. However, registering the boat is the clear, better option.


To Obtain a Marine Mortgage, Register With the Canadian Vessel Registry


Taking a Canadian vessel out on the water is one of life’s simple pleasures. Racing and partying can be great fun, but so can just sitting on a boat underneath the stars. Unfortunately, boating can get pretty expensive. Financing allows people to enjoy boating who may not be able to get a boat otherwise.  Without registering their vessel with the Canadian Vessel Registry, they’re up a creek without a paddle, so to speak. Only a vessel that’s been registered with the Canadian Vessel Registry can be used for a marine mortgage. In fact, it’s practically impossible to secure financing without doing so.

the Canadian Vessel registry

Registering a Canadian Vessel Costs a Few Bucks, But You Pay for What You Get


One advantage licensing does have over registering is price. Getting a license for a vessel in Canada is free. Be that as it may, it’s limiting in a way that registering with the Canadian Vessel Registry isn’t. Sure, registering doesn’t cost anything and is valid for a decade. That being said, it doesn’t prove ownership. That’s fine for someone who’s driving another’s boat. Or, a fisherman that wants to get out on the water and doesn’t have to own a boat to do what they want to do. Registering works as proof of ownership, including legal title. Beyond that, registering also gives one the right to fly the Canadian flag. That may not sound like much, but it can be very useful on trips to foreign ports abroad.


While Not as Great as Registration, a Canadian Vessel License Does Have Benefits


There’s nothing quite like spending a day (or night) on the water with family and friends, especially during the long, lazy summer months. That being said, it can also be quite dangerous. A boat can run out of gas, run aground, spring a leak or any number of other terrible things can happen. In those moments, licensing can come in very handy. Licensing aids Search and Rescue personnel greatly in finding a boat under any circumstances. They don’t take days off, either: they’re on call every day of the year. A boater won’t need a license if they registered their vessel. Whether the boater decides to register their Canadian vessel or just get a license, the National Vessel Registration Corp. can make the entire process easier.