The Need for You to Get a Small Vessel Register (Commercial)

vessel register (commercial)

If you are looking at starting your own business that involves a boat in Canada, there are regulations that you need to make sure you follow. Not only does your vessel need to meet safety standards set forth by Transport Canada, but there are also registration requirements that you must meet. Depending on the size of your boat will determine what type of registration you will need to get, so it is important that you know the requirements for you to get a small vessel register (commercial) and what you will need to file so you have the certificate you need.

The Requirements of a Small Vessel Register

According to the regulations set forth by Transport Canada, any small vessel not used for pleasure purposes that uses an engine of ten horsepower, or a commercial river craft, must be registered with Transport Canada with the Small Vessel Register or with the Canadian Register of Vessels. If your small commercial vessel was registered with Canadian Customs before 1998, you must now register with the Small Vessel Register as well. You need to fill out the specific forms that follow the protocol for registering a small vessel.

small vessel register (commercial)

The Small Vessel Forms

It can be a little confusing when you want to file with the small vessel register (commercial) with Transport Canada. The website directs you to the form you need to fill out, but, it is the same form that is needed for registration of other vessels. There will be specific sections of the form you will need to fill out that relate to your commercial vessel. The other problem is that Transport Canada does not accept electronic payments, meaning you must mail in or fax in your payment information for processing.

An Easier Way to Register

If you want an easier way to become part of the small vessel register (commercial), use the services we offer here at National Vessel Registry Center Corp. We provide the forms you need here on our website and give you the chance to submit everything electronically, including your payment. Our experts check your forms before submitting them to Transport Canada so you can be sure you have filed correctly and get your certificate.

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