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Alberta Bill of Sale

As we cruise into the Canadian fall months, there is still time to get your boat out on the water. If you happen to be a resident of Alberta, autumn can be a great time to visit one of the province’s 600 or so lakes. Whether you are an avid fisherman, or you just like to relax in the great outdoors, owning a boat can unlock hours of enjoyment for you, your friends, and your family. Of course, deciding to purchase a boat is not always an easy decision. For one, they can be a considerable time commitment, as the onus will be on you to keep your vessel properly cleaned and maintained. Additionally, watercraft can be expensive–outside of the sticker price, there are also fuel and docking costs to consider. Once you purchase a boat, though, you are potentially giving yourself a lifelong hobby. If there should come a time when you need to upgrade or downsize your boat, you will want to know your way around an Alberta bill of sale, and that is where a private service such as ours can help.

While owning a boat can give you a great sense of freedom, there are some bureaucratic matters you will need to attend to from time to time. More specifically, you will need to maintain current Transport Canada paperwork for your vessel. Transport Canada is the country’s primary transportation agency concerning both land and sea, so it stands to reason that you will work with them on occasion, which typically means applying for a pleasure craft license (PCL) or vessel registration. Read on to learn more about getting the forms you need online the easy way.

When Do You Need an Alberta Bill of Sale?

When a vessel is used for primarily leisure purposes, it will typically only require a PCL. To be a bit more precise, a PCL is necessary when a boat has an engine of 7.5 kW (10 horsepower) or more. When you have a PCL, a bill of sale is nice to include in a transaction, but it is not technically required. A registered vessel is a different story, however. When a boat is used for commercial purposes, is traveling internationally under the Canadian flag, or is financed with a marine mortgage, registration will be compulsory. Registrations and PCLs are available to all who want them, though, and certain insurance policies may require them as well.

A registered boat that is sold must include what is called a Form 6 – Bill of Sale. This document will ask for some basic information about the vessel in question. You can use our simple web forms to complete this document online.

Alberta Bill of Sale

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