Are You Importing a Ship into Canada?

importing a ship into Canada

Buying a boat for business or recreation is a big undertaking. You do not want to just go headfirst into a purchase without knowing anything about the ship you are considering, even if it is one that is new from the factory. You will surely do your research so you can find a boat with the features, engine, and amenities that are best suited to your needs, and budget is always something you want to carefully consider. Once you have found the boat you want, you may realize that it is not located in Canada. Many Canadians end up purchasing vessels from the United States, and some rules apply if you do this. Staying in compliance with the law is crucial, and if you are importing a ship into Canada, you want to know the proper steps to take.

The First Step for Importing a Ship into Canada

The first step in the import process is to make sure you have all the paperwork you will need. Perhaps the most critical component will be the bill of sale for the boat. The bill of sale confirms that you are the owner of the vessel and will provide details regarding the transaction, such as where the ship was manufactured. You want to make sure that the bill of sale has the date of the purchase on it as well. You will also need to provide proof of insurance before you can import the boat. Finally, you will need identification that shows you are a Canadian citizen and are registering the boat in your name. You may also need to delete the vessel from any registry it may be part of in another country.

importing a ship into Canada

Paying Duty on Your Import

Naturally, taxes will need to be paid when you are importing a ship into Canada. Whether you are driving the boat across the border yourself, sailing the boat into Canadian waters, or having the ship transported by a transport company, when you cross the Canadian border, you will need to show your paperwork and pay the appropriate duty due. You want to make sure you are honest and upfront with custom agents regarding what you paid for the boat so that you pay the proper amount of taxes due.

What to do After Importing

Once you have completed importing a ship into Canada, your next step will be to register the ship in your name. Whether you are looking to get a licence or register a recreational craft, or need to register a commercial vessel, here at the National Vessel Registry Center Corp., we have just what you need to get the job done. We offer all the vessel documents you need to fill out online at our website so you can find what you need and fill it out on your computer screen. Our goal is to make the process of dealing with Transport Canada as easy as possible for you so that you can file your paperwork, get your certification or license, and get your boat into the water as soon as you can.