Understanding How to Get Bareboat Charters in Canada

bareboat charters

If you are new to the world of vessel registry, then you may not have heard the term bareboat charters.” In Canada, this phase is used to describe vessels that are being used as a commercial investment. Even if you are simply buying a pleasure cruiser, then it may be worth investing money into charters which will allow you to get back some of the investment you have made in the boat and one way to do this is to the use of bareboat charters. By obtaining this license, you can rent out your vessel and make it profitable.

Understanding the Principles of Bareboat Charters

The basic idea of these charters is to allow you to have permission to turn your boat into a commercial vessel. When you obtain one of these charters, it gives you permission to rent out your pleasure yacht to a commercial captain. They can then go on to make good use of the boat in a commercial sense. They can hire out your boat to businesses that wish to wine and dine their clients, or they can use them as a vessel for their own enjoyment. You are still the owner, and this means that you get an income every time the boat is used.

bareboat charters

Finding the Right Charter

If you want to invest money in a boat, then making use of a charter like this can be the best way to recoup some of your costs. A little bit of extra money to pay for gas or insurance fees will help you to keep the boat running for your own enjoyment. As long as you are doing it legally you can be confident that you will make a reasonable profit from your little adventure. If you are satisfied that the bareboat charter registry is the best option for you, then you need to find someone to help you fill in the necessary forms.

Let Us Help You

At the Canadian Vessel Registry Center, we have many years experience in dealing with applications for bareboat charters in Canada. Our team has the knowledge that will allow us to assist you with everything you need to claim, and you can get our help today with filling in Form 18 or any other type of application for the Canadian vessel registry by contacting us today. Call us now at (800)419-9569 to start making money from your pleasure vessel.