Here Are the Two Kinds of Ontario Boat Registration Transfer You Might Need

Ontario Boat Registration Transfer

If you’re looking to sell your Ontario-registered vessel, then you will want to file for an Ontario boat registration transfer with Transport Canada. Here’s how to take care of that process.

Ontario Boat Registration Transfer

A part of the Ontario boat registration transfer process will depend on exactly what kind of transfer you are carrying out. After all, there are a few different ways in which you might end up approaching this matter. Because of this, it can quickly get very confusing, which is why we are here to break down the overall process for you. This way, you will be able to take care of your transfer of registration without issue.

How to Request a Full Transfer of Registration

The most common form of transfer of registration will be the sale of a boat. In cases such as these, you are transferring the full extent of a registration to someone else as part of a transaction. After all, if you are selling the boat, the registration needs to be updated accordingly to reflect this change. You will have to submit the Ontario boat registration transfer form, which will essentially make the purchase official and grant the new owner the claim over the boat. Pretty straightforward, right? It is! You will mostly just have to provide information about the boat itself, as well as the contact information for the new owner so that the registration can be put to their name.

How to Request a Partial Transfer of Ownership

Not every Ontario boat registration transfer will be full. Some of them will be partial. For example, you might have joint registration over the boat with a partner and, because of some reason, either owner needs to be removed from the registration. Or, the other way around, you might be adding a person to the registration. Either way, you need to request a partial transfer of registration from Transport Canada to update the registry accordingly. You still need to submit the transfer of registration form and provide the same information. Just remember to submit it as a partial transfer of registration rather than as a full one. This way, the registration will reflect the new registration arrangement going forward.

Ontario Boat Registration Transfer
File For Transfer of Registration

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