Getting to Know the Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License

Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License

If you happen to own your own boat, you know that this is an especially exciting time of year. As the snow begins to melt and the ice breaks up on Canada’s lakes and waterways, it will soon be time to get your vessel back out on the water. Owning your own boat is a great way to maximize the summer months, and whether you enjoy fishing, water sports, or plain old sightseeing, there is something everyone can enjoy on a boat. Before you untie from the dock and head out on the lake, though, you may want to assess your current vessel documentation. If your boat requires a Transport Canada pleasure craft license (PCL), you are going to want to apply for one before you begin loading up the cooler and stocking your boat with supplies. Fortunately, by working with a web-based service such as ours at the National Vessel Registry Center, we can help you apply for your PCL or vessel registration online in just a matter of minutes.

When you first purchased your boat, you probably put a fair amount of research into it. You got to know the different makes and models and browsed the new and secondary markets before finding a vessel that was right for you. Well, as a responsible boat owner, you likely understand that just as there are different types of boats, so too are their different modes of documentation from Transport Canada. For commercial vessels, boats that are financed with a bank loan, or boats that are traveling on foreign waters under the Canadian flag, it will be necessary to process a vessel registration. Boats that are used for more leisurely purposes, however, can typically get by with a simple PCL. Read on to learn more about how you can get yours online.

Requirements for a Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License

Before you sit down to apply for your boat license, you should make sure that it is the right documentation for you. To be precise, any boat with an engine of 10 horsepower (7.5 kW) or more will require a PCL from Transport Canada. You should know, though, that any boat can apply for one, and many boat owners can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their boat is registered in the event that it goes missing.

To apply for your PCL, you can prepare an application on our website. Simply select the PCL option from our top navigation menu and you will be brought to a streamlined, fillable form. With some basic details about you and your boat, you will also need to provide a full-size photograph and proof of ownership of your vessel. Once completed, you can then process your application via our SSL-encrypted web portal.

Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License

Get Your PCL Online the Easy Way!

We can help you get all of the Transport Canada documentation you need on one easy-to-use website. To learn more about our services and how we can help you, take a few minutes to browse our website or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.