How to Get Information for Form 4B Tonnage Measurement of a Simple Multihull Vessel

Now that you have that boat that you have wanted for so long, you may want to think about going through the registration process so you can have the boat be part of the national registry in Canada. You will need to spend some time compiling the necessary paperwork and forms so you can figure out what information and documentation you need to provide. You will come across tonnage measurement requirements as part of registration, and you may want to learn how to get information for Form 4B Tonnage Measurement of a Simple Multihull Vessel since it can pertain to your boat.

A Simple Multihull Vessel Description

There are specific regulations that classify a boat as a simple multihull vessel so that you can determine if this is the type of boat you own. According to Transport Canada, which establishes the regulations for vessels in Canada, this boat is one that does not measure more than fifteen meters in length overall and has a flat platform that is installed on two or more pontoon hulls. Most boats that fall into this category will be classified as pontoon boats.

Information for Form 4B

If your boat fits the description, you will have to fill out Form 4B Tonnage Measurement of a Simple Multihull Vessel and submit it along with your registration documents. You can download the form directly from Transport Canada, so that you have it. The form contains directions regarding how to properly measure the tonnage of your vessel so that you can get accurate information to use on your application. You must also take photographs of your vessel to submit with the application.

Where to Provide Form 4B

When you are applying for a registration certificate and have Form 4B Tonnage Measurement of a Simple Multihull Vessel, along with other supporting documentation to submit, you can use our services here at National Vessel Registry Center Corp. so you can make sure everything is right. Use our website and fill out your forms electronically, and then send the forms, along with supporting documentation you can upload, to us and we will check it over and pass it on to Transport Canada for you. If you have a question, you can send us an email to We help make registration much easier for you so that you can make sure all is correct with your application.