What Forms Do You Need For A Saskatchewan Boat Licence?

Saskatchewan Boat Licence

When you have a new boat that is designed for commercial or pleasure craft purposes, it is vital that you obtain a licence for your vessel. These licences are there to make sure that people sailing in the Saskatchewan area are entitled to be there, and are protected by the Canadian water authorities. If you are wondering how you can get your Saskatchewan boat licence without spending too much money, you need to put your trust into reliable services such as the National Vessel Registry Center, for we can help you to complete the forms accurately and get accepted by Transport Canada. In order to do this, you will need to request some forms and have your documentation ready.

Saskatchewan Boat Licence: Do You Need A Licence?

If you are running a commercial vessel, then the answer will always be yes, you do need some kind of licence or registration with Transport Canada in order to be able to operate in Canadian waters. If your vessel is a pleasure craft, however, the answer may depend upon whether your vessel has an engine of over 10hp (horsepower). If it is less than 9.9hp, then you will not need to seek a licence, but if you have anything larger, then a licence is necessary. You must judge for yourself whether you qualify for a licence, but beware that failing to licence a boat that requires it can lead to heavy fines or even the loss of the vessel.

Saskatchewan Boat Licence

The Forms You Need

You will have to have the right forms when you apply for a pleasure boat licence. This is an application form which has to be printed out, completed, and then filed by hand using regular mail. You will get a form and instructions concerning the documents you must file along with it. It is also possible to use an online form to do this from Transport Canada. Regardless of the manner in which you submit the form, there are two factors that must be completed: the form must be accurate, free of errors, and completed in full, and you must also include all of the necessary documentation to establish that you are the owner of the vessel to be licenced. If you don’t meet these requirements, the form may be returned to you.

Getting Help With Your Forms

In order to complete the application, your form has to be completely correct and filled in thoroughly. It is easy to make mistakes on the form if you are not used to filling them out, and you may also make other errors, including not filing all of the documentation requested. When you are struggling to complete the form, it can be helpful if you have the assistance of experts from the National Vessel Registry Center. We can guide you through the process, and check your form for any errors before your Saskatchewan boat licence application form is mailed. Contact us online, or by calling (800) 419 9569 now.