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Boat Ownership

When you buy a boat, you can say goodbye to spending your weekends stuck on the shore. That’s right–you’ll no longer need to rely on friends or relatives to take you out on their boats. You will be in charge of your maritime destiny, as you can freely untie from the dock whenever the urge should strike you. Of course, getting to a place of boat ownership can take a bit of work. First off, you are going to want to get to know the many different types of vessels that are available for purchase in Canada. This means determining whether a pontoon, fishing boat, sailboat, or some other form of vessel makes the most sense for you. Then, you will want to explore “for sale” listings to find the right deal on the new or used boat of your dreams. Once you find the right make and model, you and the seller can then come to agreeable terms on a transaction. Once the keys to your boat are in your hands, there may also be a bit of paperwork to complete before you can head out and make waves. Luckily, though, that is where the National Vessel Registry Center can help.

If you are new to owning a vessel, you may not even realize that certain types of documentation may be required from Transport Canada. In truth, though, owning a boat is a lot like owning a car, in that it will sometimes call for you to obtain a license and registration. At the outset, you may want to get your boating license, which is officially known as a pleasure craft operator card (PCOC). You can get a PCOC by taking an educational course and passing Transport Canada’s requisite exam. From there, you may need documents that apply specifically to your vessel. Read on to learn more about these modes of documentation, as well as how you can get them online.

Types of Boat Ownership Documents

Before you start filling out forms to document your vessel, you will first want to establish just what it is you need. This will largely come down to what you plan to use your boat for. If your boat is purely a means of leisure, and it has an engine of 7.5 kW (10 horsepower) or more, you will need to apply for a pleasure craft license (PCL) from Transport Canada. If your vessel will be used for operating a business, or if you plan to cruise on international waters under the Canadian flag, you will be required to apply for a vessel registration. A vessel registration is also required when a boat is purchased using a bank loan, which is fairly common, as boats can be expensive investments.

Boat Ownership
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