Filling Out Form 3 Statement of Qualification for Vessel Registration

Form 3  Statement of Qualification for Vessel Registration

Getting your own pleasure boat or yacht is one of the great thrills you can have in your life. You can hardly wait for that first day where you can get out on the water and start enjoying the beauty and majesty of your vessel. Before you take that first trip out, you need to decide if you are going to register your boat with Transport Canada. Registering pleasure craft is not mandatory, but it can offer certain benefits that you may want as a boat owner. If you decide to go through with national registration, you will need to make sure you fill out Form 3 Statement of Qualification for Vessel Registration so you can complete the process.

A Necessary Component of Registration

Form 3 is just one of several documents you will need to provide to Transport Canada, the government agency in charge of handling the registration of vessels in Canada. You will also need to supply three possible names you have chosen for your vessel, the registration application completed properly, the registration fee, the title or bill of sale that proves you are the owner of the vessel, and the tonnage measurement of your vessel. All these documents are needed so that you can complete the registration process.

What Form 3 Does

Form 3 is the statement of qualification for vessel registration. This form is used to help prove and document that you are a Canadian citizen that is legally allowed to register a vessel in Canada. You will need to fill out the form and sign it so that you can file this with your other documents. If you are just one of multiple owners of the vessel, each owner must also complete this form before you can file for a registration certificate.

Getting Form 3 Filed

While you can get Form 3 Statement of Qualification for Vessel Registration from the Transport Canada website, when you are ready to file all the registration paperwork, you will want to work with us here at National Vessel Registry Center Corp. We are an outside agency that will help you file your paperwork, ensuring that everything is filled out correctly and filed promptly. You can find all the forms you need here on our website and make use of our easy document upload system so you can get everything to us and we can pass it on to Transport Canada for you.