Filing a Service Canada Change of Address

Service Canada for a change of address

It is rare in the world we live in today for one person or family to stay at the same home for a lifetime. People grow, and change, families grow, we change jobs, or just want to go someplace different. When any of these circumstances arise, we pack up and move to a new location. When you do this, you not only have to deal with the moving process, but you also must worry about changing everything over to your new address. People need to know where to find you, you have bills that need to come to you, and your employer needs your new address for your paycheck and tax purposes. In Canada, it can take filing with Service Canada for a change of address so you can make the government aware that you have moved.

Service Canada for a change of address

Why Note a Change of Address?

Many reasons exist why you want to let Service Canada know you are in a new location. Most families have something they receive from the government today, and it is vital that they know where to find you so that you do not have a disruption in payments or services. Whether it is for insurance for yourself and your family, for your pension plan, for your taxes, or your Old Age Security, you will need to let Service Canada know where to find you now. Service Canada does offer a web portal that you can go to so you can change your address online and have everything redirected to your new location.

Others to Notify About an Address

Besides letting Service Canada know about a change of address, you may have other agencies or companies you need to let know that you have moved. There may be things like credit cards, utility companies, magazine subscriptions, and the like you need to notify. If you are a boat owner, you will also need to file a change of address with Transport Canada. This government agency takes care of vessel registration and licensing. If you forget to submit an address change and take your boat out in the water and are stopped or inspected, you do run the risk of getting fined for having improper information.

Help with an Address Change

After you have worked with Service Canada regarding a change of address, we at National Vessel Registry Center Corp. can assist you with your boat registration and licensing. Our web portal offers you a safe and secure method to reach out to Transport Canada and file your paperwork regarding your ship. You can take care of everything electronically and transmit the information to us in minutes. We have staff look it over for accuracy before we pass it to Transport Canada on your behalf. Come to our website and be sure to file your address change as soon as you, so it gets recorded properly. With our help, you will have one less thing to worry about, and you will know you can take your vessel out anytime you want.