Use Our Services for Documentation for a Canadian Ship

Documentation for a Canadian Ship

Many steps can be involved when you decide that you want to buy a boat. Whether it is a vessel you plan to use for your business or a boat that you will use for recreation with your family and friends, you might not only go through looking at different ships for sale before deciding on one, you also may have to work to get financing for your purchase. Once you have completed those steps, you still need to look at registering your ship with Transport Canada. The registration process can be complicated, but when you use our services here at the National Vessel Registry Center Corp., we can help you with the proper documentation for a Canadian ship.

Experts Concerning Documentation for a Canadian Ship

Most people that are buying a boat for the first time may not know the first place to start in the documentation process. Sometimes just finding the correct forms to fill out from Transport Canada can be difficult. Once you have the forms, the language you find may confuse you, causing you to make mistakes along the way on your application. Mistakes can slow down the process for you, and you will find that Transport Canada may return everything to you so you can correct the omissions and errors, slowing things down even more. Our experts on staff make sure that never happens with your application. We check over every submission we receive and have experienced staff do the work so you can avoid potential problems and delays with certification.

Documentation for a Canadian Ship

Easy Access to Documentation Forms

Thanks to the unique website we established, access to documentation for a Canadian ship has never been easier. Instead of having to download forms, print them out and mail them to Transport Canada, at the National Vessel Registry Center Corp. you will find everything available electronically. We supply all the Transport Canada registration forms you may need so that you can fill them out on your computer. You can also upload any supporting documents and pay your fees electronically, giving you a safer method for processing. Once we receive your application, we take care of the rest of the processing and send it to Transport Canada for you, helping you cut back on delays.

Documentation is Just a Click Away

Getting documentation for a Canadian ship has never been easier for you than it is today. Work with us here at the National Vessel Registry Center Corp. so that you can have the fastest and most reliable method for getting documentation for your ship. Head over to our website now so you can click on the forms you need to use. Our secure portal gives you the safest means possible for submitting applications, supporting documents, and payment information. If you ever have any questions about a form or need help with the process, you can give us a call at (800) 419-9569. Our expert staff is here to help you so that you can get the documentation you need.