Display Guidelines For Your Canadian Boat Registration Numbers and Name

Canadian boat registration numbers

Have you taken the necessary steps to get all your boat documentation properly organized? It’s crucial to have your Canadian boat registration numbers in hand. Remember, you’ll need to prominently display these numbers on your boat to ensure compliance with regulations. Let’s delve into the specifics of how to go about this process.

Canadian Boat Registration Numbers

How you use your Canadian boat registration numbers will depend on the specific situation. Is it a recreational boat that will need a licence or a commercial one that will require registration? In accordance with Transport Canada guidelines, recreational and commercial boats will have different guidelines for the display of the corresponding identification numbers. Now that you know this, we can take a look at both situations and how you will have to display the number in each one of them. 

Displaying Registered Boats’ Numbers

When registering a commercial boat, it’s crucial to display the assigned number as per Canadian boat registration regulations. Ensuring proper display of the registration number on your vessel is as vital as the registration itself. Let’s delve into the specific display requirements.

  • The boat’s name and the registration number will have to be displayed on both sides of the vessel’s hull.
  • Letter markings will have to be at least 10 centimetres or 4 inches.
  • Permanent markings will have to be etched or affixed regarding tonnage and similar statistics.
  • The number will obviously have to be above the waterline.
  • The colour of the letters will have to distinctly contrast with the colour of the bow.

Canadian boat registration numbers

Displaying Your Pleasure Craft Number

Similar to registered boats, there are specific requirements for displaying the pleasure craft number correctly on your vessel. Failure to place the number appropriately or painting it in the wrong location could lead to issues with Transport Canada authorities. To prevent any complications, let’s ensure everything is in order.

  • The licence number will have to be displayed on both sides of the bow.
  • The number will evidently have to be above the waterline.
  • Block characters that are at least 7.5 centimeters (or 3 inches) high must write the digits.
  • The colour of the letters will have to distinctly contrast with the colour of the bow.

Get Your Canadian Boat Numbers

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