Consider Bareboat Charters in Canada to a Foreign Register

Consider Bareboat Charters in Canada to a Foreign Register

Boat ownership can be a wonderful thing, but you may find that when you own a large vessel, you do not get the time to take it out into the water as much as you would like. You have other responsibilities and requirements in your life, and it may seem a shame to you to see your boat there, sitting idly, with no one enjoying all it has to offer. You may also find that it can get quite expensive for you to maintain the boat regularly, and wish you had a way to make some revenue from your vessel to help cover your costs. Now may be a good time for you to consider bareboat charters in Canada for your vessel and foreign registry to earn some money and get used to your boat.

Understanding Bareboat Chartering

If you have never engaged in bareboat chartering before, this chartering allows you to rent out your boat to a captain so that they can use the boat for their needs. Perhaps they are taking visitors out for a few days of vacation or sailing and want a luxury boat like yours to use for the trip. You can charter your boat to an experienced crew and charge a fee for the service you provide, much like what happens when you would go to rent a car from a car rental service.

Consider Bareboat Charters in Canada to a Foreign Register

Regulations for Bareboat Chartering

There are regulations you must follow to begin bareboat chartering your Canadian vessel into a foreign register. You first must apply to use bareboat chartering with Transport Canada to make sure you qualify for the process. You will need to provide information about yourself and your vessel so that the agency can keep a record of your vessel. There are also fees involved that you must pay for bareboat chartering in Canada, and then extra fees to allow for chartering into a foreign register such as the United States.

The Paperwork for Bareboat Chartering

If you feel unsure of just where to start the process for bareboat chartering your Canadian vessel into a foreign register, here at National Vessel Registry Center Corp., we can help you with each step of the process. You can find the forms you need right here on our website so you can fill everything out electronically, and we can have our expert staff looks it over for you to make sure everything is correct to make sure your application goes through smoothly. You can then start making some extra money from your vessel and make sure your boat gets used well.