Advice For Avoiding Fraud In Canadian Vessel Registration-Related Activities

Canada vessel registration

Canada vessel registration is absolutely vital, despite sometimes being a time consuming and stressful task. Avoiding proper registration is illegal and sets you up for fines and penalties you’d rather not deal with. Additionally, boat registration can help protect you from fraudulent activity. Keeping that in mind, caution should be exercised when approached by individuals claiming to be the Canadian Coast Guard and when asked to disclose personal information over the phone. This guide provides all the necessary information to help prevent falling victim to scams.

Know Your Canada Vessel Registration Agent

To avoid falling victim to a con artist, establish a relationship with your registration agent.. Even if it’s not the same person each time you work with the vessel registry, be sure you are on the lookout for anything that feels off or out of place. All legal agents will follow the same regulations, so if something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not. At the same time, having your boat registered offers you additional protection against fraudulent activity

Keep Your Documents Safe

Being caught out on the water without proper documentation can lead to several problems. Therefore, it’s advisable to store all your paperwork in a safe, dry location on your boat for easy access. Ensure the documents are secure to prevent loss or theft. Your papers have vital details that con artists can use to trick you out of money or to steal your financial identity. Storing papers properly keeps your information safe

Canada vessel registration

Verify Information

One of the ways that con artists trick boat owners is to approach them online or on the phone and pretend to be an official authority, such as from the Coast Guard. They will then ask for details pertaining to your boat, usually by saying you need to renew your registration. The Coast Guard will not contact you for such information and you should not share any of it with anyone who calls or emails you for it. That includes your social security number, banking information or any contact details. 

Report Suspicious Activity

The best ways to help cut back on fraudulent activity is to report anything suspicious to the Coast Guard. This includes emails, phone calls, and any other approaches asking you to share personal information. This allows the authorities to track the cons, which can help them catch the offenders and cut back on the consequences. Additionally, if you have passengers on your boat that you don’t know well, make sure they aren’t able to access paperwork while on board the vessel. If your papers are lost or stolen, report it immediately. 

Have you been the victim of fraud or need to report suspicious activity and don’t know how to do so? Canada vessel registration agents can help. Contact the Canadian Vessel Registry today for all of the help you need.