How to Rename a Boat Legally With Transport Canada

How to Rename a Boat Legally

Back when you first registered your boat with Transport Canada, you were asked to give it a name. Now, this doesn’t have to mean that the boat will have to keep this name going forward. You can change it if you feel like it, you just need to go through a specific process for that. Let’s go over how to rename a boat legally in case you want to do so.


How to Rename a Boat Legally

There are going to be plenty of different circumstances in which you might need to change the name of a boat. Maybe you named the boat after someone that you no longer want to be reminded of, or on the other side you might end up wanting to name it in someone’s honor. You don’t really need to have a reason for the change, though. After all, you can legally change the name of your boat whenever you feel like it. It’s your boat, after all. So, the process to apply for a name change is fairly easy, but it will require some paperwork. As with any bureaucratic process, however, it can quickly get complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing, which is why here we have a quick guide on how to do so for your convenience.


Requirements For a Boat Name

When it comes to the requirements for a boat name, you don’t have to worry about much. You are technically free to give your boat whatever name you want. Well, that is as long as it is a unique name. Because of this, back when you first registered your boat, you had to provide a few different options for your boat’s name in case one of your choices was already taken. This is why, when you’re planning on changing your boat’s name, it’s a good idea to consult the database to make sure it’s not taken, which you can do by visiting the Transport Canada website. 


Applying For a Boat Name Change

So, if you have decided to change the name of your boat officially, you will have to submit the right form to Transport Canada. If you head over to our menu, you will find the form for a change of vessel name, which will evidently be the way to go. As part of this process, you will mostly just have to provide the information about the vessel and the new name you want to give it. Once you’ve filled it out, you can submit the form through our platform for us to make sure that everything is good to go before it’s submitted to Transport Canada.

How to Rename a Boat Legally

Submit Forms to Transport Canada

The thought of having to submit forms to a government agency might sound pretty tedious, but we at the National Vessel Registry Center Corp. make everything a lot easier for you. Not only will you find all relevant forms here, including those needed to register your boat or change its name officially, but you will also be able to submit them to Transport Canada through our platform. If you have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling +1 (800) 419-9569 or email us at