How to Register a Boat Without Ownership in Canada

how to register a boat without ownership

Sometimes the sea, and life, can present unforeseen challenges. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to know how to register a boat without ownership, you have probably found yourself in just such a situation. While the circumstances that brought you to this point may vary, there is, fortunately, a path to obtaining registration for a vessel without ownership.

Have You Lost Your Ownership Documents?

As you likely recall from purchasing a boat, there can be a fair amount of paperwork to navigate. Between registering your vessel, obtaining the correct provincial licensing, and acquiring a certificate of ownership, there is quite a bit of documentation to keep straight. No matter how organized you may be, however, sometimes accidents happen and things get misplaced. So, what do you do when you have lost your certificate of ownership?

Firstly, there is no need to panic. You can get a replacement certificate of ownership of Transport Canada. As the agency keeps thorough records on file, they will have access to your information, and can in turn send you a new copy.

how to register a boat without ownership

Getting Your Boat Registered

It should be noted that you will need an official copy of your certificate of ownership to register your vessel, so do not think having a photocopy or picture of it on your phone will suffice. If you have lost this document, be sure to file an official request with Transport Canada.

Once you have your new proof of ownership, you can register your vessel by working with a private service such as us. We can help you gather the necessary information you need to submit a complete and accurate registration application to Transport Canada.

Finding an Abandoned or Lost Vessel 

Exploring Canada’s scenic waterways can lead to a number of discoveries. Aside from panoramic views of nature and rare scenes of wildlife, you may even come across a lost or abandoned boat. If you are a particularly bold hobbyist, you even want to restore it and add it to your own personal fleet. So, how can you go about ensuring that the boat has been abandoned?

Start by looking for any identification on the boat, including registration numbers. Once you have some pertinent information to work with, contact Transport Canada to see if the boat has indeed been abandoned, or if its owner had simply lost it (or worse–it was stolen). If it is, in fact, abandoned, you can file to be the receiver of its ownership, and in turn, hold its registration.

Still Curious About How to Register a Boat without Ownership? Contact Us

While Transport Canada does well to make its forms available, filling them out can be a hassle. Between identifying the correct form, printing it out, and writing in the correct information, getting a replacement certificate of ownership can take up a significant amount of time. Luckily, the National Vessel Registry Center can help. 

Our easy-to-browse website hosts all the boat documentation forms you need. We used streamlined documents and an encrypted portal, so you can trust us with the secure transmission of your personal information Transport Canada. To learn more, contact us today.