How To File For A Pleasure Craft Licence In Ontario

pleasure craft licence in Ontario

When you are operating a pleasure craft during your leisure hours in Canadian waters, you will need to make sure that you have obtained the right kinds of license. There are plenty of risks around in the open water, from high waves to other sailors, and so it is necessary for you to be clearly marked for the Coast Guard to read. If you are wondering what it takes to apply for a  pleasure craft licence in Ontario and what you need to do afterward, the National Vessel Registry Center can help you to understand more about what is being asked from you and the benefits that you can gain by licensing your vessel.

Operator Or Licence Card

When you are operating a boat in the Ontario region, you need two types of cards with you to be displayed at all times. The first is known as the Pleasure Craft Operator Card, which is the license for you, giving you permission to drive the vessel. The second is the pleasure craft license, which is the permission for the boat to be in the water and be driven. Without both of these cards, you are not legally in the water. The Coast Guard will make sure that you are complying with these requirements, and may fine you as much as $250 if you are not able to produce these cards on request. It is important that you take the time to apply for these documents before you start using your vessel as a pleasure craft.

pleasure craft licence in Ontario

What Is Needed To Apply For A licence?

If you want to apply for a license for your vessel, there are a few things that you will need to submit when you make your application to Transport Canada. First, you will need to download and complete an application form that must be filled in according to the questions asked on the form. This is not always easy, and you may need to talk to us in order to get help with the completion of this part of the task. Second, you need to have proof that you are the owner of the vessel, and that it is currently in Canadian waters. Lastly, you will have to provide a valid government ID that shows you and be clearly identified by you as the owner of the boat.

Get Assistance With The Forms

When you are trying to claim a pleasure craft licence in Ontario, you will need help with completing the filing of the forms. Many of these forms seem to be deliberately complicated, often asking the same or similar questions more than once. If you want to make sure that you submit the forms correctly at the first attempt, and want to avoid errors, then you need to speak to the National Vessel Registry Center. We are here to make applying for a PCL much easier, so talk to us today either online or by calling (800) 419-9569 now.