How to Change the Name of Your Boat and More

How to Change the Name of Your Boat and More

A vessel’s name is important. Often, it’s very important to the vessel owner. Sure, there are owners who just name their vessel the first thing that comes to mind or something they heard that name, but usually it’s something that a person has thought about for a long time. The name can have a deep, personal meaning, it can be a funny joke, or it can be anything in between. However, over time, you may want to change the name of your vessel. Perhaps you named it after someone who is no longer in your life, or you just got tired of it. Your reasons are your own. In this blog, we’ll cover how to change the name of your boat as well as how we can help.

How to Change Your Boat Name

The process of changing the name of your vessel may be complicated in terms of what you want the new name of your vessel to be, but the process is not complicated in terms of what our site can do. Simply go to our site and click on “Registry Forms.” Then, scroll down to “Change of Vessel Name and/or Transfer of Port of Registry.” One thing you will note about this is that your vessel already has to be registered. If your vessel isn’t registered, then you have to register your vessel in the first place. In that instance, you would click on “Registry Forms” and then go down to “First Time Registration.”

The Specifics and the Price

You do have to click that you want to change the vessel name, and you also have to list the details of each individual owner. This is true even if the owner is a corporation, as you have to put that as well. The total cost of the Change of Vessel Name application is $375.00 CAD. The barrier for changing your vessel name is low, so you can change it when you want. It’s one more way that the system is responsive to vessel owners’ needs.

How to Change the Name of Your Boat and More1

Ports of Registry

You’ll notice that this form covers more than just changing the name of your vessel. A “Port of Registry” is the port where the vessel is registered to. It doesn’t have to be the vessel’s home port, but it often is. That just makes things tidier. However, as we’ve seen, things change. Maybe you have to move one port for another. Perhaps you have to move for your job, and there’s a port that’s so much closer to where your life is now. This form can help you to move the port of registry for your vessel.

Specific Ports of Registry

There are actually only a few, limited options that you can choose from for your port of registry. Ports of registry can be found in Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland-and-Labrador, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories. That’s it. Now, some of those locations do have multiple ports of registry to choose from. Find the one that’s right for your vessel and mark it on the form.

At our site, we make it easier to send in forms than ever before. So many vessel owners know what it’s like to send in a form that they need only to have it sent back to them, not because anything was wrong with the form exactly, but rather because there were little typos or even handwriting issues with the form. From there, the vessel owner had to start all over again, getting increasingly frustrated as more time wasted.

That doesn’t have to happen anymore. In fact, we’ve done everything we can to make that a thing of the past. When you send your forms through us, our professional document processors take a look at them. If there’s anything even slightly off about the form, we’ll correct it before it goes to the proper authorities. That way, it won’t get sent back to you and thus eat up more time. We see it as one more way that we can make our service easier to use.

Another way we make our service easier to use is by making it more secure. When you go through our site, we have some of the top security in the industry backing our site. So, you never have to worry about someone stealing your information or something like that. You can send info through our site with confidence. For more on how this works, give us a call at (800) 419-9569.