The importance of Form 6 ‐ Bill of Sale When Purchasing a Vessel

There are a lot of details involved when buying and selling a vessel. Some of these details are unnoticed and may delay the transactions. The security restrictions have brought in more requirements that need to be fulfilled. There is more information that you need to fill up such as a Form 6 ‐ Bill of Sale when purchasing a vessel. There are now many forms that you need to fill in and submit for consideration. 

1. Recognition for Your Vessel

Providing a bill of sale is one of the most important requirements. To get the Canadian vessel documentation, this is an important information that the authorities demand. The documentation is significant as it has international recognition. It is a national registration for marine vessels and has a legal recognition that is applicable in many places. It is an important documentation when you have a commercial boat which will sail through international waters.

2. Documentation for a New Owner

The previous owner should provide you with the documentation if they already have a Canadian vessel documentation. This will be used to get your own proper documentation. The documentation cannot be transferred, therefore, you will go through the application process on your own. Therefore, you will need to file the required paperwork. A bill of sale is needed to prove that you are the rightful owner of the vessel. If you don’t have a bill of sale, they will not allow you to complete the registration.  

The importance of Form 6 ‐ Bill of Sale When Purchasing a Vessel

3. Agency

The documentation process can be challenging and exhaustive to most people. It can be confusing to arrange all the documents including a Canadian bill of sale. To avoid running short when filing documentation, consider getting an agent. There are some agencies that deal with Canadian Vessel Registration. They will be in a better position to submit all the documents that are required. This saves time as there are no delays. This will prevent you from resubmitting the documents. This can also cause delays and extra fees. The good side is that the application can be done online.

4. Form 6 ‐ Bill of Sale

When buying a vessel, there are many details that you need to pay attention to. This is especially true when it comes to buying a large boat. There are now more restriction and the government needs for information. This has arisen due to tighter security measures that are now in place. The bill of sale boat form helps you to properly document the transaction. It assists you to file the documents properly. You can only complete your sale if you have this form. Lack of this form will prevent you from getting your vessel into the water. The authorities will not allow you to complete the registration in your name without it.  

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