Boat Name Registry Explained: How to Do It

Boat Name Registry

There are many different reasons for which you may decide to name a boat, and they can be personal. Maybe you want to name it after someone you love. Perhaps you want to honor someone who was in your life and is no longer part of it. Perchance you need to keep the name professional, as you will navigate clients around. Regardless of the cause, getting your vessel into the boat name registry is a straightforward process. Let’s shed some light on the matter so you can display the new name in the boat in no time.

Including your Vessel in the Boat Name Registry

As we were saying, the process of registering your vessel in the boat name registry is pretty simple, and it is part of the initial registration process as well. When you start filling out this form, you will notice that you are asked to submit more than one name. This is because the names are unique for identification purposes. If the name you want to give to your vessel is already taken, Transport Canada will choose the second option. The same applies to the third one.  

Once your name proposal has been approved, you need to properly display it in your vessel. According to the Canada Shipping Act of 2001, the boat needs to be labeled following certain requirements. The name and port of the registry of the vessel have to be marked on the exterior part of the hull, easily visible. If your vessel is used for commercial purposes, the name has to be displayed on each bow, and the port of registry on the stern. The name has to be in capital letters and at least 10 cm high.

Changing your Vessel Name

There is a slight chance that once you have had your name approved and displayed, at some point in your life your situation changes and you need to modify the name of your vessel. Regardless of the reason that led you to switch it, you can do so by completing the name form on our menu and filling it out with the new name options. As before, you will need to provide three options for the new name.

Boat Name Registry

The Canadian Vessel Registry can Help You Get Your Documents

Before finishing the article, let us say that this is not the only document that you can get at our site, the Canadian Vessel Registry. Our platform allows you to get any type of boating documentation, from initial registration to renewing your pleasure craft license. Furthermore, we do it on our SSL-encrypted site, which keeps your details safe and facilitates the process of getting anything you need fully online. In addition to that, you also have someone overlooking your documentation, therefore reducing the risk of making any mistakes that would delay you in getting the documentation.

Whether you need to include your vessel in the Boat Name Registry or not, don’t hesitate to contact us, you won’t regret it.