Why You Should Submit Your Vessel To The Canadian Register of Vessels

Canadian Register of Vessels

The Canadian registry of vessels is a way to keep your boat under the protection of the Canadian Coast Guard, and also serves as a way to keep an eye on your vessel if it is trading in international waters. There are several reasons why you should consider putting your ship on the Canadian Register of Vessels, not least to protect yourself and your vessel as you travel around Canada’s coast. Giving your vessel a legal name can help to provide you with protection, and will ensure that you enjoy the same rights and benefits as other travelers on Canadian waters.

Should I Register My Vessel?

If you have bought a boat entirely for pleasure, then you may have a number of options when it comes to the type of registry your boat requires. For example, a pleasure craft license will provide you with an ID number, similar to a license plate. It is used by the coastguard and search and rescue to ID your boat in the water. This licence is entirely different from the vessel registration, which you may choose if you intend to do more with your boat than simply drive it up and down a local body of water. You may choose to have a licence if you solely intend to use the boat within Canadian waters, and have purchased the vessel from your own resources. However, if you have had other investments, including a loan, then you will need to use a registry.

Registering Commercial Vessels

Owners of vessels that are more than 10 horsepower, or are river rafts for commercial purposes, then you must register with Transport Canada, and there register of vessels. If your boat is under 15 tons, then you may use the small vessel register, although this will not allow you to obtain a mortgage, or submit a vessel name. If you wish to do all of these things, then you must fill in a form to apply for the Register of Vessels. If you need to take out a loan on a vessel, and the mortgage company wishes to place a lien on the boat, then you will have to register the vessel formally. The registration of the vessel can also benefit you in a number of ways.

Canadian Register of Vessels

Benefits Of Submitting To The Canadian Register of Vessels

There are many advantages to being on the vessel registry. Just for starters, the registry will name you as the legal owner of your boat, which can be extremely useful if there is ever any doubt about your rightful ownership. The boat will also be able to obtain a formal name when it is submitted to the registry, which can be very useful for identifying it in the future. It will allow you to fly the Canadian flag over your boat, give you up-to-date information about safety issues issued by Transport Canada, including security risks and it will also allow you to obtain a marine mortgage for your boat.

Registering Your Vessel

Registering your vessel is the ideal way to obtain a ship mortgage for your boat, allowing you to purchase a larger vessel than you might have been able to afford by yourself. If this is a commercial vessel, then you may choose three names for the boat, one of which will be approved by the registry. You must complete the application form for registration, including providing evidence of your ownership and the title, and documentation which provides evidence for the vessel. You will have to include a statement of qualification, which details your Canadian citizenship right of residence, and paperwork that agrees that you have submitted your vessel for tonnage measurement. All of this paperwork may be difficult to complete, and so you may need assistance with making sure that this document is correctly completed at the first attempt.

Get Help With Documentation

When you decide to submit your vessel to the Canadian Register of Vessels, you may find the amount of documentation and form filling required quite taxing. The Vessel Registry expects you to be able to understand all of the regulations around your boat, and you may find the forms and documents being returned to you as improperly completed. If you decide that you don’t want to struggle with this paperwork by yourself anymore, then you can reach out to the National Vessel Registry Center Corp.  online. Our teams are here to help you, and we are experts in completing registry documentation and ensuring that you get your application accepted at the first attempt. Don’t be satisfied with trying to complete these forms yourself, allow us to help you submit your paperwork to Transport Canada. For help with paperwork, advice of completing forms or for other assistance, call us at (800) 419-9569 now.