When to Fill Out a Bill of Sale in Alberta

Bill of Sale in Alberta

When you pick up boating as a recreational pastime, you are essentially adopting a lifelong hobby, if you want it. People of all ages can find something enjoyable about a day on the lake, and as the years go by, you can make countless memories on the water with your friends, family, and loved ones. Of course, over the course of your career as a boat owner, it stands to reason that your maritime needs may evolve or change. For instance, if your kids have gone away to school, you may no longer require such a large vessel. Conversely, if your family is growing, it may be time to consider a bigger boat. Regardless of the specific circumstances that have you considering selling your current vessel, there are some paperwork matters that will need to be addressed at the time of sale. Most notably, you may need to fill out and process a bill of sale in Alberta for your vessel. The good news is you can do this online by using our easy-to-fill web forms.

Choosing to sell your boat is not always an easy decision to make. After all, you probably have a fondness and attachment to your vessel, which is understandable. If it is time to move on, however, why not let another boat owner enjoy your well-maintained vessel? Canada’s secondary boat market is always bustling, and this is especially true in Alberta. Boats tend to hold their value pretty well, so you can likely net a solid price on the sale of your boat. In order to maximize your returns, you will want to market your vessel by placing it in digital and print marketplaces. This means taking high-resolution photographs of your vessel both inside and out and writing engaging copy that highlights the finer points of your boat. Once you have found a buyer and negotiated a price, there will then be a bit of Transport Canada paperwork to complete in order to finalize the transaction, and that is where we come in.

What is a Bill of Sale in Alberta Needed For?

A bill of sale is generally advised in any transaction relating to a boat, as they frequently involve sizable amounts of money changing hands. You can think of a bill of sale as a sort of receipt for the sale, and it should include the price of the boat, as well as some information about the buyer and seller. If a boat carries a pleasure craft license (PCL), a bill of sale is not necessarily required, though it is a good idea to prepare one anyways, as it will make it easier to transfer the license.

Registered vessels will require a Form 6 – Bill of Sale to be processed. Fortunately, we have web forms for this and a number of other Transport Canada documentation matters on our site.

Bill of Sale in Alberta

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