When to File for a Transport Canada Boat Transfer of Ownership

Transport Canada boat transfer

The ownership of a vessel always needs to be backed by its official registration. This means that should any changes in the ownership occur, you will need to submit the corresponding form. When these changes pertain to switching, adding, or removing owners from the registration, you will need to pass a form for a Transport Canada boat transfer. Here we discuss how that process works.

Transport Canada Boat Transfer

First off, it’s good to remember that there are different kinds of boat transfers one can do through Transport Canada, not because you might accidentally file for the wrong one, but because you may not know that your situation applies to this form too. Most people think that the Transport Canada boat transfer process is exclusive to sales and other full transfers of ownership, but that’s just one case in particular. Let’s take a look at what this process can look like and the different situations in which it will be relevant.

Selling Your Boat

So, are you planning on selling your boat? While some people might think that the sale by itself should be enough to get the transfer of ownership down, the purchase will need to be made official by applying for the corresponding transfer of ownership. This will involve a simple form that you must fill out and then we can take care of the rest. In order to submit the form, you will just have to provide information about yourself as the current owner, the new owner who carried out the purchase, and the vessel itself. It’s a simple, straightforward process that will make sure your claim to the vessel is passed on appropriately.

Altering the Ownership

However, there are other kinds of transfers of ownership. You will not always have to transfer the full claim to the vessel in question to someone else. Sometimes, what you’re looking for is shared ownership, right? Say you’re getting married or forming a business partnership. You might want to add an owner to the registration so that you can both have a claim. The same applies the other way around. The form for a Transport Canada boat transfer will serve to add or remove an owner from a boat’s registration. Just remember, however, that in order for someone to be eligible for ownership of the vessel, even if it is shared, they have to be a Canadian citizen, a Canadian resident, or a corporation incorporated under the laws of Canada.

Find All the Forms You Might Need

Here at the National Vessel Registry Center Corp, we want to make sure that you’re able to submit all the forms to carry out a successful Transport Canada boat transfer. Yes, regardless of how complicated or extensive the process might be. So, can you submit the forms for registration here on our platform? Of course you can! You can do that and more here on our website. Just give us a call at +1 (800) 419-9569 or email us at info@canadianvesselregistry.ca if you need any help.