When do you Need a Commercial Boat License?

commercial boat license

Without the proper guidance, getting your commercial boat license and actually almost all of the boat documentation From Transport Canada, can be quite overwhelming. This article in particular will help you understand which are the occasions on which you need to get a license, when your vessel has to be registered and how to do it. Read on if you want to find out! Our team is here to guide you through just about any process related to your boating documentation.

Pleasure Craft Licenses or Registration?

Although almost all of the boats over Canadian waters need to be in accordance with the regulations from Transport Canada, there are some variations that will ask you to either license or register your boat within the administration. Either of them will require a completely different process. Stay with us while we shed some light on what you will need to do to get each document.

A Pleasure Craft License or, simply, a PCL is the document that grants the vessel a unique identifying number. This number needs to be attached to the boat, in order to be appropriately identified in emergency situations, therefore allowing the qualified personnel to quickly recognize your ship and access relevant information promptly. In addition to that, the PCL will provide the owner of the vessel with a certified document that makes the ownership and operation of the boat official.

Commercial Boat Licenses

Even though “Commercial Boat License” includes the word “license” in it, in fact, what you need to do is to register the boat. Moreover, you are required to register your vessel with the Canadian Register of vessels if it will have a marine mortgage, will travel internationally, needs to reserve a name, and, more importantly, and what we will be talking about, is a commercial vessel with a gross tonnage of 15 or more and powered by motors totaling 7.5 kW or more.

If your vessel is going to operate commercially, there will be different requirements and regulations to be met. The application process, for instance, will include proof of ownership of your vessel and a picture where the whole boat can be seen. We understand, however, that not everyone has the time that getting the documentation by yourself requires. Luckily for you, that is what the National Vessel Registry Center takes care of.

commercial boat license

All of your Forms in One Place

The National Vessel Registry Center is a third-party agency that takes care of any type of boat documentation (including commercial boats licenses) for you. Transport Canada lets you download the forms from their site, but you then need to print them out, complete them, and send them via regular post. Our platform lets you complete it fully online, while we take care of sending your documentation to the Transport Canada offices in Ottawa. Furthermore, having someone overlooking your documentation can prevent you from making mistakes, and therefore avoid the involuntary delay of your application. Contact us today through any of our means and get your ship going!