Remember This When You’re Selling a Pleasure Craft in Ontario

Selling a Pleasure Craft in Ontario

Parting ways with your vessel can bring forth a lot of bittersweet feelings. On one hand, you might be excited about a new, better boat, but you might also feel weird about letting go of a vessel you were probably attached to. Not to interrupt those conflicted feelings, but if you are selling a pleasure craft in Ontario, you will also have to worry about some paperwork.


Selling a Pleasure Craft in Ontario

When it comes to selling a pleasure craft, most of the process will almost be second nature to anyone familiar with high price sales. You will most likely have to allow the buyer to appraise the vessel or have someone take a look at it, as well as provide documentation that backs up the financial standing of the boat. However, one thing that’s specific to selling a pleasure craft, at least here in Canada, will be the process related to its licence.


The Pleasure Craft Licence

In accordance with Transport Canada’s boating documentation guidelines, a pleasure craft licence is a document that grants the boat in question a unique identifying number. This allows you to have a distinct number attached to your vessel in order to properly identify it in situations such as searches and rescues, and qualifying personnel will be able to find and access relevant information in a quick and prompt manner. Additionally, the licence will also provide you, the owner of the vessel, with a certified document that makes your ownership and operation of the boat official. This will be a key step in the process for those seeking to use their recreational boat according to the regulations in place. 


Transfer the Vessel’s Licence

Contrary to what one might think, the pleasure craft licence isn’t tied to the owner of the vessel but rather to the vessel itself. Because of this, it’s important to remember that when you are selling your pleasure craft, the licence will go along with it to the new owner. In fact, an important part of the sale in administrative terms will involve transferring the licence to the buyer in order to make the purchase official in the Transport Canada registry. To do this, all you need to do as the seller is fill out and submit the transfer form, in which you outline who the new owner is and grant them a claim over the boat. You will find this form ready for you to fill out and to submit to Transport Canada here on our website. 

Selling a Pleasure Craft in Ontario

Find All Transport Canada Forms

The thought of having to submit forms to a government agency might sound pretty tedious, but we at the National Vessel Registry Center Corp. make everything a lot easier for you. Not only will you find all relevant forms here, including those needed to transfer your pleasure craft licence, but you will also be able to submit them to Transport Canada through our platform. If you have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling +1 (800) 419-9569 or email us at