Important Things You Should Do When Your Pleasure Craft License Expires

Pleasure Craft License

As the owner of a vessel in Canada, it is crucial for you to be aware of when the pleasure craft license will expire and what steps you need to take to renew it. You may prevent any potential difficulties and make the procedure as easy as possible if you are familiar with the processes involved in it. This article will cover everything you need to know to renew your license to operate a pleasure ship successfully. We hope the information provided here will assist in simplifying the process for you. When your license for your pleasure boat in Canada expires, you must know the proper procedures to follow. The following are important actions you need to take:

Renew Your License As Soon As Possible

It is vital to renew your pleasure craft license on time not only because you do not want to breach the law but also because it demonstrates that you accept responsibility for things you have done in the past. If you fail to renew your license on time, you might face serious consequences. Dealing with issues due to your expired license is also made much simpler. Ensure your social security number is at hand since they will ask for it. They are going to ask for it. Make sure you also have a copy of your passport or driver’s license with you at all times. You’ll need the specifics of your boat and information about yourself, including your contact information. Make sure that there is an address where you want the new document to be sent before it is sent to you. It will be sent to you in the mail.

Make Sure You Have the Necessary Documents on Hand

Check to ensure that you have all of the required documentation at hand. This might include the ownership and registration of your vessel, evidence of insurance, payment receipts for any recently issued permits, and any other documentation required to renew your license. Your renewal information should contain a list of the items you need to bring with you to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), but the specifics of this list may change depending on where you live. 

When it comes time to renew your boat registration, in addition to the renewal form and money, you are required to send a copy of each of the titling papers you have, including your driver’s license and boat registration (if applicable). Because the regulations and costs of moving to a new state might differ, you must investigate the possibility of new ones.

Be Aware of The New Laws and Regulations

It is common knowledge that one of the most crucial aspects of boating is being current with the many laws and regulations. In addition, we have been informed that the safety of not just our boat but also the other boats and persons out on the sea is in jeopardy. On the other hand, the regulations may occasionally be unclear or difficult to keep track of, particularly when they are subject to change. Take note of the recently enacted rules and regulations. Carry out some investigation! This is particularly crucial to keep in mind if you haven’t had to give this kind of consideration any recent thought. Find out what’s new for your boat, and develop a list of things to do before your license runs out since it’s likely that there will be some modifications that you need to take notice of when your license runs out.

Connect The Pleasure Craft License to Your Social Insurance Number

The Pleasure Craft Operator Card is a program that makes it simple for you to know how to handle a boat in a manner that does not compromise passengers’ safety. If you have just renewed your license, you generally do not need to worry about this, but if you have let your license lapse or if this is your first-time boating, then it is crucial for you to pay attention to this information. The fact that the card can be obtained for no cost at all and can be found online means that there is no longer any justification for not being prepared. You are needed by law to possess a license known as a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) to operate a boat in Canada. This card must be connected to your Social Insurance Number (SIN). To get a card from Transport Canada, you will be required to submit an application and make the necessary online payments.

Pleasure Craft License

Get Insurance Coverage for Your Vessel

If you want to use your vessel during this season, then you will want to be sure that it is covered by insurance. You will need to get insurance coverage for your vessel. If anything unfortunate occurs and your boat needs extensive repairs that cost a lot of money, it only makes sense to be prepared for it. If you want to have other people use the boat regularly, you will need to be certain that all of those individuals have insurance that will pay for their medical bills if an accident occurs. If your boat has collision insurance and another boat strikes yours when they are at fault, the other boat’s insurance company will pay for any damages to your boat. If your boat does not have collision insurance, however, the other boat’s insurance company will pay for any damages to your boat.

If you have a pleasure craft license in British Columbia, you should know that your license will expire in days. Ensure to renew it to keep it current. If you neglect to do so, you might be fined. To renew a pleasure craft license in British Columbia, call the Canadian Vessel Registry at +1 (800) 419-9569 to learn more. The good news is that this process is easy and quick to complete.