How to Transfer a Pleasure Craft License in Canada

transfer a pleasure craft license

So you finally made up your mind about it and decided to buy a ship. After a while, a potential seller appears with a good-looking boat and an interesting offer. Learn how to transfer a pleasure craft license, what do you need, and how can you do it, so both you and the other part can be even after the transaction.

There may be many reasons why you would like to buy a boat. Perhaps you miss the good old days of going fishing with your family when you were a kid, or you already have a boat and you are looking for something more modernish. Maybe you just want to get the thrill out of sailing in Canadian waters and enjoy the sight. Whatever it might be, it’s wise to know the paperwork involved for the whole deal.

transfer a pleasure craft license

Required Documentation To Transfer A Pleasure Craft License

Immediately after the transaction, both parties have documentation to deal with. Transport Canada requires that you and the buyer fill out some forms to keep a record of things. So what do you exactly need to transfer the license? Below is a list of the requirements to achieve it:

  • Proof of ownership or a bill of sale.
  • A signed copy of a valid piece of government-issued identification from each owner whose name is to appear on the pleasure craft license
  • A current full side-view photograph of the boat is to be licensed. The picture must show good lightning conditions, the whole boat must be seen and it mustn’t be obstructed by other vessels.

Step By Step: A Guide to Process The Transfer

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to get down to business. Look for the ‘Transfer of pleasure craft license’ tab inside the ‘Licence form’ option on the upper part of the website. The form consists of two steps: the first is for the buyer, and the second is for the seller.

The first thing you have to do is to provide the pleasure craft license number. Write down your complete name as it appears on your ID. Check the authorization box and put your signature digitally on it. If you will co-own the vessel with someone else state it as well. Don’t forget to point out if the boat will be registered to an enterprise. Provide your full address: street name, number, city, ZIP code, province, and country. Information such as your birth date, phone number, and email address is important as well.

The second part is about the pleasure craft and its details. You can choose whether you want to modify the prefix on the license or not. If you do so, you have to repaint the letters on the boat’s hull. Specify its propulsion type and length. If applicable, provide the hull serial number (HIN), and the hull’s type, material, colors, make, and model. You can apply for an additional rush processing for an extra fee.

To finish, just write the full name and address of the previous owner as you did before with yours and pay the fee with your credit card. You can do it without a worry; the website is fully protected with SSL encryption.

All The Forms In The Same Place

Whether you want to transfer a pleasure craft license or apply for it for the first time, the National Vessel Registry Center makes sure that you can achieve it easily with a user-friendly design and mobile phone compatibility. Contact us if you have any questions.