How to Replace a Lost Boat Registration Online

Replace A Lost Boat Registration

One of the main draws of boating is the time you get to spend in the open air. With the wind in your face, the sun in the sky, and the waves in your wake, you can forget about the worries and troubles back on land. Sometimes, however, spending that much time out on the water can produce a hazard or two. For instance, you may find yourself in a situation where important documentation for your vessel has blown off the board. If this has happened to your registration certificate, you are going to want to secure a replacement copy as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can replace a lost boat registration online, and the National Vessel Registry Center can help.

A part of responsible boat ownership is maintaining current documentation with Transport Canada. In fact, having a valid registration for your vessel should be treated with the same seriousness as having an ample supply of life jackets onboard. For this reason–and because it is the law–it is paramount that you replace any lost documentation in a prompt manner. This way you can avoid any costly fines or penalties that could arise from being caught without a valid registration.

Replace a Lost Boat Registration with Our Forms

If you have misplaced your vessel registration certificate, there is an official process that must be followed. You are going to want to submit a request to Transport Canada for a replacement copy. In this request, you should be sure to include your vessel’s name and its official number. By working with us at the National Vessel Registry Center, you can do this online in just minutes. We offer a streamlined web template specifically for this matter, and by following our prompts you can electronically submit your request via our SSL-encrypted web portal. 

What Types of Vessels Require Registration?

Of course, you only need to replace your vessel registration certificate if your vessel is, in fact, registered. So, what types of vessels require registration with Transport Canada? If your boat carries financing in the shape of a marine mortgage, if it is going to be used for any commercial purposes, or if you will be traveling internationally under the Canadian flag, registration is compulsory. In order to register your vessel, you will need to submit an application, as well as supplemental documentation. These additional items include photographs of all four sides of your vessel, a tonnage measurement, and a bill of sale.

There are certain benefits that come with vessel registration, and it is worth noting that it is available to all boat owners, even those outside of the requirements. With a vessel registration, your boat is given a completely singular name. While this can give your boat a unique quality, it can also allow rescuers to more easily identify your vessel should it go missing.

Replace A Lost Boat Registration

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