How to Prove Ownership of Your Canadian Vessel?

Canadian Vessel

Do you wish to maintain good status with Transport Canada as a Canadian vessel owner? Maybe you need to provide evidence of ownership when selling your yacht. This post will teach you how to quickly verify your Canadian watercraft’s ownership, whatever the reason. Have there been times when you were out on your boat and wondered whether you were legally authorized to do something? Perhaps you have sailed in Canadian waters and were curious about the rules. 

Here in this essay, we’ll go through the several ways you might demonstrate your rightful possession of a Canadian watercraft. We’ll go through the many forms you need and the best practices for maintaining their currency. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about proof of ownership! The best ways to safeguard and conveniently access your evidence of ownership are outlined below.

Keep Your Registration In A Safe Place – Preferably Somewhere Waterproof!

Various storage options are available to ensure the security of your evidence of ownership. You could, for instance, store it in a container that is waterproof and resistant to fire, or you might tie it with a chain attached to a metal ring. If, on the other hand, you want something more conventional and convenient to take with you at all times, then you should consider purchasing a waterproof wallet. They are available in various forms and dimensions; thus, choose the one that best meets your requirements. Store it in a waterproof location, such as a tackle box or the bottom of a cooler. You don’t want to take the chance of losing this essential piece of paperwork if your Canadian vessel capsizes!

Make Sure You Always Have a Copy of Your Registration On the Board 

You should always ensure you have a copy of your registration on board your operating vessel. You must be able to provide evidence of ownership in a timely way if, for some reason, you are ever required to do so. You won’t be held back from going back on the water if you do it this way. This may be used as evidence of ownership if someone ever wants to demonstrate that they are the rightful owner of the boat. This is vital if you ever need rescue or if you ever need to verify ownership of the Canadian vessel if it is involved in an accident. It is also vital because, if your boat is ever lost at sea, it will assist in ensuring that any insurance claims are paid out correctly.

Carry Your Papers with You When You Take Your Canadian Vessel Out for A Sail

Take your boat out for a spin, but don’t forget to bring the paperwork that proves you’re the rightful owner. The registration papers are legitimate legal documents that would be required to be shown to a law enforcement officer if you were stopped by them while on the water. Having the original registration documents on you makes it easier for authorities to contact the owner of the boat that is damaged and washes up on land. 

This will allow you some breathing room to get in touch with a lawyer before the yacht is either repossessed or auctioned off. Keep your registration out of the back of the filing cabinet or the bottom of the desk drawer. Many potential purchasers will only buy a Canadian vessel if they can see the original paperwork and any extras that came with it. If the person you plan on leasing your boat to needs a license, providing them with a copy of yours will make the process much smoother.

Canadian Vessel

Update Your Insurance Information As Soon As It Changes

Knowing where to store and how to access your Canadian vessel registration certificate is essential. Keeping your registration current is one of the greatest ways to prove ownership. Things like updating your insurance details and registering your yacht with the National Vessel Registry Center are examples of what this category encompasses. Keep the certificate handy if you need to provide evidence of ownership, such as if you are stopped at a border and asked for it. When entering Ontario from the United States or another province, you may be requested to provide evidence of ownership. You may be asked for proof if you want to rent a slip at a marina or stay overnight at someone’s house where a boat is moored in the backyard.

If you’re a Canadian citizen planning to take your boat abroad, you must show ownership. It’s crucial to know which papers to bring if stopped by law police while proving ownership. If you need assistance proving vessel ownership, call +1 (800) 419-9569.