How to Perform The Registration of a Government Vessel in Canada

registration of a government vessel

When anyone buys a boat, it is normally used for sailing or fishing. But what happens when it is for government use? Learn all about achieving registration of a government vessel so the boat is legally allowed to operate under Transport Canada’s requirements.

Every type of boat needs some kind of documentation to become operative. Learning about it eases things up for you, and for the authorities as well. Ships that operate for the government have their paperwork to deal with too. It’s important to learn how to achieve documentation to be a responsible federal employee as you are representing Canada.

registration of a government vessel

Why Do I Need The Registration Of A Government Vessel?

The first thing you should know is that government ships can only apply for registration. This means that it has to be recorded by Transport Canada. Only pleasure craft can be licensed in Canada, and as you have already figured out, a government vessel is forbidden for recreational purposes. Doing so could be qualified as the wrongful use of a federal-owned fleet, which may lead to fines and prosecution.

According to Canadian law, a government vessel is any kind of ship that is owned and provides a service for, or on behalf of the Canadian government. The official institution that regulates maritime activity is Transport Canada, which grants you a registration number to operate legally after the application form receives the green light. Registration helps to track down ships when needed, especially if they belong to the Canadian government.

Filling The Right Form For Registration

The words ‘government registration’ sure sounds big and important. Getting the forms on the internet with the requirements for it can be kind of troublesome and confusing. Most of the maritime authorities’ websites usually are too technical and not precisely user-friendly. However, it doesn’t have to be all that of a hassle.

At the National Vessel Registry Center, you can find the right form to register a government ship. It’s practical and also easy. The page guides you through the whole process, and all the requirements needed are featured in the same place. No need for you to navigate through the internet looking for a lot of forms.

What Information Must I Provide?

Now that you have the basics about registering a ship that belongs to the federal government, you can proceed to fill the form. To get started, click on the ‘Registry forms’ tab, and down at the bottom of the list you can find the option ‘Registration of a Government Vessel’. The form allows you to write three names for the vessel in case the first one is taken, and requires you to specify the port of registry.

The next step is to inform the particulars of the vessel. Point out the type and method of propulsions, and the particulars of propulsion as well: the number of engines, the engine description, the propulsion and engine power, and the speed knots. Specify the length of the vessel, the gross tonnage, and the type of tonnage.

Continue with the name of builder, place, and city of build, province, and country. Construction details such as type and hull (and its number) must appear too. Follow up with the descriptor of the vessel. Choose if your vessel is an ACV and state whether it has been previously registered and if it is under construction.

The second part of the form begins with the federal declaration. The information you need to provide is the one that entitles you as a government employee to register a ship belonging to it. Write down your title and address, as well as contact information. Pay for the application with your credit card to finish.

More Forms Than You Can Ask For

The National Vessel Registry Center has all the forms you need to keep your vessel’s documentation up to date. If you have any questions or doubts about the registration of a government vessel, contact us. We’ll get back to you in no time.