How To Find a Lost Boat Registration Number in Canada

Boat Registration Number

If you’ve ever lost your boat registration number, you know just how frustrating and difficult it can be to track it down. If your boat is misplaced or stolen, having the boat’s name and description at hand is crucial. If you are familiar with the appropriate resources, locating this information should not be challenging. Because all Canadian vessel owners must have this document, it is essential to know where they may get it if they misplace it. The good news is that there are several different methods to find this information. This article will demonstrate how to locate a lost boat registration number in Canada and provide the resources you need to do it. Continue reading if you want to get more details!

Check Your Proof of Ownership Documents

Even while the vast majority of boat owners are aware of the location of the documentation proving their ownership of the vessel, you must verify this information before commencing the process of locating your boat registration number. The original loan agreement, the original purchase agreement, and the original bill of sale are all examples of papers that fall under this category. Frequently, these papers will contain information regarding the date and location of the boat’s acquisition, in addition to the vessel identification number. They may give the boat’s name (VIN) at other times. 

Whether you do not have any of these papers, you should attempt to get in touch with the dealer or lender from whom you acquired your vessel to find out if they can assist you in determining the VIN of your vessel. Even if they are unable to provide you with the information you need, they may be able to point you in the direction of the government agency or department that is most suited to answer your questions.

Look For the Number on Your Boat Itself

When you are looking for the registration number for your boat, the first place you should look is on the boat itself. The number will be printed on the left side of the boat, just above the waterline, for most recreational boats in Canada. You should seek a sticker typically between 10 and 16 inches long; it will have all of the essential information about your boat printed on it. The first three letters of this number make up what is referred to as the “Boat Registry Number,” or BRN for short. This is the most important component of the number. These three letters will provide detailed instructions on getting further information about your boat over the Internet.

Search For the Boat Registration Number in Government Databases

You may check your boat’s registration number in official records if you’ve forgotten it. Most Canadians are unaware that the federal government keeps a registry of every boat in the country, complete with the identifying information of its owner. The Canadian Coast Guard manages the database and is available online to law enforcement and border officials. Even though the boat’s registration number is not displayed outside, it is simple to locate with a little online research. It is significantly simpler for law enforcement to locate illegally used boats if they have access to a searchable database of all registered boats (such as smuggling drugs or people across borders). People who have misplaced their boat’s identification number may also use this method to track it down.

Ask For Help from Friends or Family Members Who Have Recently Registered a Vessel in Canada

There is also the possibility of asking people close to you, such as family members or friends if they have recently bought or sold a boat and seeing if they have the boat registration number. If they do, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to determine whether or not you’ve located the yacht you were seeking via some online research. Several steps must be taken before a boat can be registered in Canada, regardless of whether it is brand new or used. Ensure that your vessel was constructed in accordance with the standards set forth by Transport Canada; both the make and model of the boat need to have been approved. The next step is to obtain a personalized affixing decal by contacting the Vessel Registration Office of Transport Canada.

Boat Registration Number

Call The Manufacturer of Your Boat. If You Are Unable to Find the Number Anywhere Else

If you cannot locate the number in any other location, you should contact your boat’s manufacturer. They will be able to give you this information and other significant particulars on your watercraft. If you purchased your brand new boat, it should have come with a paper certificate with the registration number. As long as the dealer still has the information in their records, they should be able to access it for you. Because the standards that govern how and where the boat registration number needs to be displayed might vary from state to state, you should probably check with the manufacturer (or on their website) before putting in too much effort to discover the number before you start looking for it.

If you ever lose your boat registration number or need to find it in the first place, the first step is to contact Canadian Vessel Registry, which can be done by calling +1 (800) 419-9569. The registry will also reply to a request for information via email. The organization can help trace the ownership of a boat, among other services. Potential clients can also look up how much it costs to register a boat in their area and get more information about the requirements on the Canadian Vessel Registry website.