How to Find a Canadian Boat Official Number

boat official number

Keeping your boat safe is important. In Canada, you’ll need a Canadian vessel registration to get it insured or register it with the local authorities. If you need to buy, sell, or transfer ownership of your boat, you will also need a Canadian Boat Registration document and an official number for your boat. These documents are likely not something you thought about when buying your boat, which is why we are here to help! We know how much time and money goes into buying a boat. So let us help save you some time in finding these documents when that time comes. This article will discuss what the boat’s official number and registration means, as well as where you can find this information on your boat if it was not previously disclosed to you by the seller.

What is a Canadian Boat Registration?

A Canadian Boat Registration is the document you will use to get all other permits and licenses, such as your vessel inspection. In order to register your boat with the authorities, you will need to have the official number ready, as well as the name of the vessel, the length, and the type of hull. The Canadian Boat Registration document acts as a contract between you and the government. It will outline your responsibilities as a boat owner as well as the government’s duties to make sure your boat is safe. A Canadian vessel registration includes a special 10-digit identification number that is unique to your boat. This is where the boat’s official number comes into play.

What is the Official Number for Boats in Canada?

The official number is the 10-digit identification number that is unique to your boat. Except for very specific circumstances, every boat in Canada has an official number. This number will help you track down important information about your boat. Your registration number, which enables a different mode of identification, is what you put on the outside of your boat. You must display your official number in an easily visible location inside of your boat. Make sure that the height of this series of digits is at least four centimeters. This number frequently begins with the letters “O.N.” to distinguish it from your registration number.

Finding Your Boat’s Official Number

Finding your boat’s official number is important. It will allow you to safely navigate the waters and get your boat insured. It will also be used to transfer ownership. Your boat will be easier to locate for government and law enforcement officials with the help of your official number. This is extremely important in case of an emergency when sailing in your boat. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that this is not the same number that can be seen on the outside of your boat. It’s easy to see how this may become confusing. If you are purchasing a new boat, the seller should provide you with all the information you need to complete the purchase. 

Tips for Finding the Owner of a Boat

If your search for a boat’s official number is related to trying to find a boat owner, you could also try:

  • Identify the boat’s owner by asking the marina manager and nearby boat owners. If they are unsure, maybe they can send a message your way.
  • Indicate that you are looking for the owner of a specific boat in a notice posted at the location where the boat is. You might want to upload a picture of the yacht along with your contact details.
  • To find out if the boat and its owner are listed on any websites, type the boat’s name into a search engine online. This is a useful method for finding the owner of a boat that is connected to a company with a website.
  • Visit the Vessel Registration Query System (VRQS) to find out who the owner of a boat registered in Canada is. Either the official number or the name of the yacht can be entered into this system to find the owner.

boat official number

Get All The Information You Need…

Finding the boat official number and registration of your vessel will make it easier to access important information about your boat, such as the hull identification number, engine information, and the length of your boat. If you are purchasing a used boat, make sure to ask for this information from the seller. If you are selling your boat, be sure to provide the new owner with this information.

The National Vessel Registry Center Corp. has made the necessary forms available online on our website to assist you in the process of receiving and identifying your Canadian official number on your vessel. You will find everything to be straightforward, so you may obtain the registration you require. Call us at (800) 419-9569 or contact us at if you need any assistance with vessel registration or licensing (Canada).