How to Change Boat Name, Port of Registry, and More

How to Change Boat Name

In Canada, a vessel must operate in accordance with very strict regulations, most of which are related to its registration and keeping information up-to-date. It is important to know how to change boat name, port of registry, and more, especially if you’re planning to change your address. Speaking of sensitive information, you can never be too safe when it comes to your sensitive data online. Every day, there seems to be a new hacking story, a breach of sensitive information, etc. Here at the National Vessel Registry Center Corp. we have an optimized website in order to prevent that from happening. Safeguarding your information online is just the start of what we provide to boat owners. We are happy to provide a quick reference for any questions you may have regarding vessel names, registry ports, transcript consults, and boat registration numbers in Canada.

Role of the Port of Registry

If you are purchasing a boat for the first time, you might not be familiar with all the terminology. The port is where your boat will be registered and based on a long-term basis. This basically indicates that this is where your boat is primarily stationed. The ports in Canada are divided up by provinces, therefore, ports are located in particular areas of each province. It makes sense that you would pick a port that is close to your home. However, the location of your boat may not necessarily be the one that is closest to your home if it is used for business or for commercial purposes.

Changing to a Different Port

You might eventually relocate or keep your vessel in a different place. You will want to submit a change of port of registry form to Transport Canada in situations like this. In accordance with the regulations established by Transport Canada, you are required to inform them of any changes to the vessel so that they can update your registration. To do this, you must complete and submit an application, which is sometimes difficult for people to locate. The National Vessel Registry Center Corp. can assist you with this. 

Efficiency, speed, and security. 

On the website of the National Vessel Registry Center Corp., you’ll discover that (in addition to all of the forms that you could need throughout the entire process of owning a vessel). Through our website, you can complete a variety of tasks quickly, including but not limited to changing the name of your boat, starting a bareboat charter, obtaining a replacement certificate, registering a government vessel, updating your address, port of registry and much more.

Changing the Name of Your Boat

As far as filling out the name change application, Transport Canada offers Form 13, or the Application for Change of Vessel Name and/or Transfer of Port Registry. You will be prompted to enter three names for your pleasure craft on the application. Remember that your new boat name must be unique from those of other registered boats if you decide to change it. It should be simple to say and comprehend. This is especially useful if radio contact or communications are being made using the name.

If one or more of the chosen names are already in use, three names must be provided when changing a boat’s name. Therefore, be sure to list your favorite names first and your other favorites last, in that order. Our website contains registration, name change, and other boat-related forms.In fact, there are forms available for licensing pleasure crafts, enrolling on the Small Craft Register, and much more.

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How to Change Boat Name

The Complete Registry Kit For All Your Boating Needs

Whether you are registering for the first time, need to change your port of registry, change your name, or need help with anything else, the National Vessel Registry Center Corp. can help. We are a skilled group of professionals who handle the paperwork for our clients to be submitted to Transport Canada. On our website, all the forms you might need to file are easily accessible with a single mouse click. With our electronic versions, you can complete forms on a computer, smartphone, or tablet and have them sent securely and safely in a matter of minutes. Use our services today to quickly and easily make filing changes.