How Much Is The Fee For Obtaining a Canadian Registry Certificate

Canadian Registry Certificate

Transport Canada issues the Canadian Registry Certificate. All registered vessels will have this certificate. This kind of document contains all the details of the vessel, like the ownership, vessel characteristics, tonnage, construction, type, and material, among others. There are some fees involved in obtaining it. However, the registration offers significant benefits. These would include having a proof of ownership. Since it’s a legal title for your vessel, you can use it to prove your ownership when you sell it later on. The certificate also allows you to have the right to fly the flag of Canada or use your boat as a form of security if you’re getting a marine mortgage. All commercial vessels should have a Canadian Registry Certificate. However, for pleasure craft, registration is an option, regardless of the boat’s length or tonnage, under the Canada Shipping Act of 2001. That means load requirement is no longer necessary when applying for registration.

A Canadian Registry Certificate

When you register your boat, you must pay for its fees. The good thing here is that the certificate is good as long as you own the boat. While boating, you should always carry its registration and other related documents. Make sure that you have other ownership documents on hand to avoid delays in clearing Canada customs or the US. With proper documents ready, you can avoid a fine. All forms in obtaining a Canadian registry certificate are available at our website. Applying for it using our online service can take only less than five minutes to complete the form. After that, you can submit it along with the documents. This certificate isn’t applicable to a registered boat or licensed vessel with the laws of another country, like the US.  

a Canadian Registry Certificate

How Much Is The Fee For Obtaining The Registry Certificate?

The fee is only $525. When using our online service to apply for this certificate, you need to send your payment first before we can start processing your application. As mentioned earlier, the certificate is available for non-pleasure vessels with an engine of 10 horsepower. If you have a commercial vessel, it should be registered with the Canadian Register of Vessels under Transport Canada. This certificate is valid up to three years. You can renew it 30 days before it expires. Although the official number indicated in the certificate will stay with the boat forever, you must report all changes you made to the vessel and your personal details. Failure to follow this requirement would lead to suspension or cancellation of the certificate. For more information please feel free to contact us toll-free (800) 419-9569 (Canada) or by email