How a Third-Party Service Can help you Obtain Vessel Documentation from Transport Canada

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Have you recently purchased a boat or yacht in Canada? If so, chances are you’re brimming with excitement over the possibilities that await you on the open seas. Being a responsible boat owner, you’re probably also planning on getting your vessel registered with Transport Canada as soon as possible. If you’ve taken a look at the official Canadian government’s website for filing, and you’re a little intimidated by all the forms and instructions, fear not—a third-party service could be the best way for you to get your documentation submitted.

Save Time, and Get it Done Right

By using an online third-party service, you can save on a most valuable resource: time. Web filing portals are often streamlined with easy to read instructions that allow you to fill in the most pertinent information clearly and easily. As some third-party services, like ours at Canadian Vessel Registry Center, will comb your application for any errors, you can also be sure that you get your documentation submitted right the first time. By having your paperwork done as accurately as possible, you won’t need to worry about it being rejected and needing to re-submit.

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One-Stop Shopping

A great thing that third-party services provide is one-stop shopping when it comes to vessel registration. Maybe you’re applying first-time registration, or you require a transfer of licence—a good third-party service will be able to provide everything you need. Even transcripts, historical research, or other specific registration items will be made available by a service that knows it what they’re doing—you want to look for a business that is interested in having you as a customer for as long as you find yourself out on the water.

Let Canadian Vessel Registry Center Help

If you’re considering vessel documentation, and you’ve decided that utilizing a third-party service is the right choice for you, you’ll find that Canadian Vessel Registry Center has everything you need. We offer easy to read forms for all of your Transport Canada documentation needs, and we provide crystal clear instructions—so you’ll never find yourself lost in the paperwork. We also pride ourselves on accuracy, so you’ll have peace of mind about the status of your application submission. Explore our website today and check out everything we offer—regardless of your documentation requirements, Canadian Vessel Registry Center offers an easy, online solution.