Picking Your Boat Name and Hailing Port When Documenting Boats

Boat Name and Hailing Port

When getting a new boat here in Canada, there are two things you will need to worry about upfront when getting your documentation: your boat name and hailing port. Let’s take a look at this.

Boat Name and Hailing Port

Two important parts of your boat ownership, believe it or not, will be your boat name and hailing port. After all, these are key pieces of data about your own boat, and they will have to be instrumental in properly cataloging your vessel in the Transport Canada boat registry. Let’s go over how you’ll have to handle the matter of your boat name and your hailing port when you’re documenting the vessel.

Managing Your Boat Name

You might think that a boat’s name is not particularly important or that it’s merely a silly tradition, but most boat owners will tell you that it’s actually a vital component of the overall ownership. After all, people name their boats for a reason. Not only are they a symbol of the connection that you have with your vessel, but they also serve administrative purposes. Yes, you will have to submit a name for your boat when getting Transport Canada documentation. In fact, you will have to submit three possible names to Transport Canada to make sure that you are able to select at least one boat name that hasn’t already been taken. Don’t worry, if you end up changing your mind about it, you can later file to change the name of the boat.

Managing Your Hailing Port

Your hailing port, on the other hand, will be the sort of home for your own boat going forward. The hailing port will serve as the main station for your boat where it’s going to be registered with Transport Canada. This means that, yes, similarly to the boat name, you will have to include a specific hailing port when you initially file for your documentation. However, similarly to the name choice, you might also be able to change it later on should you need to for whatever reason. Here at the National Vessel Registry Center, you will not just find the forms to file for your initial documentation, but you will also find the forms to change your hailing port if needed.

Boat Name and Hailing Port

File Paperwork to Transport Canada

Here at the National Vessel Registry Center, we are well aware that no one likes to go through extensive documentation and paperwork, which is why we’ve set off to make it all much easier for you. We have established our platform in order to provide everyone access to all the forms they might need in order to take care of their Transport Canada boat registration or pleasure craft license, as well as the corresponding documentation that might follow. Regardless of what you need to file with Transport Canada, all your vessel documentation needs can be met right here on our website. Additionally, you can feel free to reach out to our team should you have any doubts throughout the process.