What You Should Know about Transfer of Canadian Registration for a Vessel

transfer of Canadian registration

If you’re purchasing, or by another means acquiring a vessel that’s been registered with the Canadian government, you should know that the registration can be easily transferred. In the event that ownership is being transferred, you can file a Transfer of Canadian Registration and ensure that all of your documentation is in place. Here are a few basic items of information that you should know about the transfer process.

A Simple Change in Ownership

In the event that a transaction has occurred that means a vessel has changed hands, you’ll need to take action to transfer the registration. Firstly, a Bill of Sale will need to be provided the Canadian government to indicate that a purchase has been made. Accompanying that document should also be a Statement of Qualification for the new owner. If there is going to be more than owner of the vessel or if it’s being owned by a corporation an Appointment of Authorized Representative will also need to provided. If this seems complicated, you might consider having Canadian Vessel Registry assist you with filing.

transfer of Canadian registration

What Happens in the Event of a Death of a Joint Owner?

Should the unfortunate happen and the death of a vessel’s joint owner occurs, there is some simple paperwork that must be submitted to the Canadian Government to ensure a smooth transfer of Canadian registration. A Death or Burial Certificate, or a Presumption of Death, should be provided along with a Declaration of Transmission. In the event that there is more than one surviving owner, an Appointment of Authorized Representative will need to be submitted as well. You should note that the Canadian government does not charge a fee for this process, but you may want to consider a third-party service to ensure that your paperwork is accurate and complete.

Let Canadian Vessel Registry Center Help You with this Process

Regardless of the events that require you to file a Transfer of Canadian Registration, Canadian Vessel Registry Center can help you submit your documentation. Our team of experts will carefully comb your paperwork to ensure that you’ve provided everything you need to, saving you from the dreaded hassle of having your documents rejected. Feel free to peruse our website you’ll see that we can offer valuable assistance for nearly any of your Canadian registration or licensing needs, from first applications to more specialized documentation down the road.