What to Know about Registration of a Government Vessel

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If you happen to be an owner of a boat that is going to be used for official Canadian government purposes, there are some things that you should know. For one, it is mandatory that your vessel be registered with Transport Canada. This means that you will need to file an official Application for Registration of a Government Vessel, which is a document that will ask some information about yourself and any other owners, as well as the vessel itself.

Providing Details about Your Government Vessel

Whether you’re using your vessel for fishing, dredging, transport, passengers, or even as an air cushion vehicle, if it’s for government purposes, then Transport Canada wants to know as much about it as possible. Your application will ask some simple information, such as the vessel’s name and any existing registration information, but it will also get more in-depth. You will need to provide the type and method of propulsion, number of engines, engine power information, as well as the speed of your vessel. Other information that will be asked of you are the vessel’s measurements, tonnage information, as well as details of its build origins.

registration of a government vessel

Sound Complicated? A Third-Party Registration Service Can Help

If your vessel is going to be used for official Canadian government purposes, and you’ve looked into what you need to submit for your registration application, there’s a chance you’re intimidated by all of the paperwork involved. If this is the case, it might be beneficial for you to look into a third-party registration service to assist with your application. You’ll see from a simple web search that there are a few of these businesses around, so you want to be sure to use one that’s reputable and trusted. But how exactly do you know which service is best for you?

National Vessel Registry Center Can Help with Your Application!

At National Vessel Registry Center, we are the premier third-party service for registration of a  government vessel. Our simple to use online forms make it crystal clear what information you need to put down on your application, and our expert staff will comb your documents for accuracy, putting to rest any fears you may harbor about your forms being rejected. We also offer registration services for just about any other area of need, so you can turn to us for any additional filing purposes you’ll have in the future.