How to Write a Correct Transport Canada Boat Bill of Sale for Your Boat

Transport Canada Boat Bill of Sale

As a boat owner in Canada, you could find yourself in a situation where the law requires you to demonstrate ownership of your vessel at some point. Writing a Transport Canada Boat Bill of Sale provides the necessary transfer documentation. It enables both parties involved in the transaction to ensure that everything has been agreed upon and documented correctly. This is because writing the bill of sale provides the transfer documentation. 

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A well-written bill of sale serves both parties as a vital tool if any misunderstandings emerge in the future, even though it is an aspect of purchasing or selling a boat in Canada that is often disregarded as an essential component. In this post, we will explore how to draft the outstanding bill of sale so that when you make your next buy or sell, you can rest assured that all of your bases will be covered!

Use the Proper Name of Your Boat

The name on the bill of sale for your yacht is essential whether or not you believe it is. The statement of sale, you see, is a legally binding document designating the buyer and seller in a particular transaction. To rephrase, a bill of sale is what you hand over to the buyer when you sell your yacht so that they may provide proof of ownership if necessary. When purchasing or selling a boat, it sometimes needs to be clarified whether a bill of sale is required. 

However, a bill of sale is always needed when selling or otherwise transferring ownership of an item. It’s against the law to sell anything without a correctly filled bill of sale in Ontario and many other jurisdictions. When purchasing a boat from another party, it is the buyer’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of the seller’s information on the bill of sale.

Be Sure To List All Options and Accessories in Your Transport Canada Boat Bill Of Sale

A bill of sale for a boat that ensures its seaworthiness is a crucial piece of paperwork. Similar to a vehicle title, but with additional information about the ship instead of the owner’s name. Many bills of sale exist, and as you may have seen, they all seem somewhat different. This is because the details required on a bill of sale for a boat vary depending on the size of the vessel and the state where the transaction takes place. 

If you live in Florida and possess a modest ship, you generally will only need to provide as much detail as someone who lives in the Caribbean and owns a luxury yacht. Having this paperwork ready to provide as evidence of ownership is essential when selling your boat.

Specify the Year and Model of Your Boat

At the outset, you must be specific about the make and type of your boat. By doing so, you’ll be able to identify the vessel’s category, which will help the buyer or seller set a fair price. Your name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, and signature are optional extras to supply. Be careful to add any pertinent information concerning the sale of the vehicle on the bill of sale, such as the terms of the transaction and whether or not the car was sold “bareboat” or with a warranty. 

If you intend to use the vessel for reasons other than enjoyment, you should have the bill of sale amended to reflect that you are purchasing the ship “bareboat” or without equipment or supplies. Also, if the vessel has any liens, you should note it so that you and any possible creditors who could have a claim on it can work out the details before any disputes arise.

Transport Canada Boat Bill of Sale

Include the Manufacturer’s Serial Number for Identification 

Owning a boat might be scary, but many resources are available to assist you through the process. When purchasing a boat, the first step is to complete a Bill of Sale Boat Transport Canada which acts like a vehicle title. With this document, the seller transfers the title of the ship and all its components to the purchaser. 

If your boat is ever stolen, the serial number on the bill of sale can help law enforcement recover it faster. Each province and territory has requirements for obtaining a Boat Bill of Sale. Still, generally speaking, you must travel to a particular government agency or company, fill out a form, and pay a charge. It’s common for a private seller to request photo identification from a buyer.

At the National Vessel Registry Center, Corp., we’re happy to answer any vessel registration or title questions. We provide services in Canada and the U.S., so contact us today through the website for more information.

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