How to Register a Canadian Ship at the Cheapest Fees Ever

Canadian Ship

As a Canadian ship owner, you may wonder how to register your ship in Canada, especially considering this task can be quite costly. However, the costs of registering a vessel in Canada are lower than many believe, and it can be done for a very reasonable fee. To write a ship in Canada, you must complete a boat registration application and provide proof of Canadian citizenship.

You will also need to choose a Ship Identification Number (SIN) for your boat. You should submit all of your information online to speed up receiving your SIN. Following these simple steps can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars when registering your boat with the National Vessel Registry Center or Transport Canada.

Get All Your Paperwork in Order

At first, the official paperwork may seem intimidating; however, if you have everything prepared to go before you register for the course, the process will be considerably simpler for you. To begin, you must prove that a Canadian company owns and manages the vessel. This may contain copies of the bill of sale, the purchase agreement, and, if appropriate, the original certificate of Registry (encumbrance).

To prove that your company is owned and registered in Canada, you must provide corporate documents such as a copy of the company’s Certificate of Incorporation and a list of shareholders. You will also need to have a copy of the ship’s design drawings and an inventory list detailing the ship’s construction material, fuel type, propulsion, engine power, and engine hours.

Choose the Right Type of Registration (International or Domestic)

When determining whether to register a Canadian ship for domestic or foreign usage, you must consider how often you want to use the boat and the kind of access you would like to have to the vessel.

If your boat is used only in Canada and will be parked here most of the time, then registering it as a domestic vessel may be the most appropriate course of action in certain circumstances. However, if you want to transport it beyond international boundaries or if you want to make sure that someone else is using the boat, they are accountable for the payments. International registration may be the preferable choice for you.

Decide What Option You Want

The procedure is comparable to registering a ship with the nation of ownership, albeit it may be cumbersome depending on the jurisdiction. Canada’s registration fees are relatively cheap, and they’re far fairer than in some other nations. It would help if you decided whether to utilize the frigate.

If your Canadian ship is too small to utilize a frigate, your only other option is to resort to this strategy. A vessel with a gross tonnage of less than 500 may register as an uninspected passenger vessel in Canada if it chooses the frigate option. A frigate must be either less than 150 meters in length or have a GRT (gross register tonnage) of less than 500 to be classified as such. Your ship’s logbook will include your vessel’s keel length and overall length.

Be Aware Of the Renewal Fees (Or Lack Thereof)

Another important fact to remember is that if you register your vessel in the province of British Columbia, you will not be required to pay any yearly renewal costs. If you have a registration due in January and are seeking to save some money, this indicates that it is not completely out of the question for you to let yourself lapse for another year.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if you do this, your insurance will also have to be canceled. Not only does this run the risk of violating the terms of your insurance policy, but it also puts you at risk of facing legal repercussions if something goes wrong with your ship when it isn’t covered by insurance.

Canadian Ship

Register Your Canadian Ship Online At the National Vessel Registry

When registering a ship, the fees can be pretty high—and they’re only made more heightened by the variety of methods available to register. But, if you’re registered in Canada, there’s a pretty simple way to cut your costs by more than half. The National Vessel Registry (NVR) is a free service that allows Canadians to register their ships at the lowest fees possible.

The NVR is a great option for anyone who wants to register their boat with the Canadian government and avoid paying thousands of dollars in registration fees for their ship.

We’re here to help you register your Canadian ship at the cheapest fees ever. Whether you’re looking to register your vessel in Vancouver, Toronto, or anywhere else across Canada, we’d be happy to answer any questions and provide our services for you. Contact us via email.