Find Out Whether or Not You Can Join the Small Vessel Register (Commercial)

small vessel register (commercial)

Do you operate a small non-recreational boat in Canada? Do you think it’s small enough to qualify for Transport Canada’s small vessel program? Here’s how to join the small vessel register (commercial) in Canada.

Small Vessel Register (Commercial)

So, the specific registration that you’re getting for your non-recreational vessel will ultimately depend on its category. While all commercial vessels need to be registered with Transport Canada, certain smaller vessels will have less requirements when it comes to the registration process. However, what guidelines does a boat need to meet to join the small vessel register (commercial)? Well, let’s go over those requirements.

  • The boat is used for commercial or non-recreational purposes.
  • It must be powered by an engine of 10 horsepower (7.5 kw) or more.
  • The boat can’t be over 15 gross tons.

If your commercial boat meets these specific requirements, then you can register it as a small vessel at the time of getting your boat registration with Transport Canada. It’s always good to know that if you don’t have a valid registration for your non-pleasure vessel, you might end up being subject to fines under the Canada Shipping Act of 2001. Your registration certificate is always necessary when operating your boat.

What if Your Vessel Doesn’t Meet These Requirements?

Now, if your boat doesn’t meet the small vessel register (commercial) standards, you will want to go through the regular registration process. If your commercial vessel has a gross tonnage of over 15 tons, then you will have to register it as part of the Canadian Registry of Vessels. This is a different process altogether, but one that you can easily take care of with our team’s help regardless.

small vessel register (commercial)

Registration Alternatives

To own a vessel, whether individually or jointly, one must be a Canadian citizen, resident, or a corporation under Canadian laws. If you meet these criteria, access the registration form on our website. Expect to receive the new registration certificate by mail for immediate vessel use. Simplify the process by submitting it through our platform.

Join the Small Vessel Registry

Disliking paperwork is a universal sentiment, especially when dealing with government agencies and intricate bureaucracies. As a vessel owner in Canada, you may think you’re stuck navigating this maze just to manage your vessel registration or pleasure craft license. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this daunting. Our dedicated team at the National Vessel Registry Center has streamlined the process, making applications and paperwork submissions a breeze for you. Explore our user-friendly menu to locate the necessary forms and don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance with completion.