Find Out How to Complete a Transport Canada Bill of Sale

Transport Canada Bill of Sale

There are a number of reasons people are drawn to boating as a pastime. For one, it allows you to connect with the great outdoors. There is something to be said about a lazy afternoon out on the lake embracing the tranquillity of nature. Another great thing about owning your own boat is that it provides a vessel for building lasting memories with your family and friends. As you get on in years, you may find that you look back on your days on the boat with sincere fondness. Boating is also a hobby that you can enjoy for much of your life. People of all ages can find something to enjoy about being out on the water, whether it is waterskiing, fishing, or just sightseeing. As your life grows and changes, however, your boating needs may evolve as well. If you need to upgrade your boat due to some new children or grandchildren entering your family, you may need to sell your current vessel. Of course, this could also be the case if you are looking to downsize your boat as well. Regardless of why you are planning to sell your vessel, you are going to want to learn a bit about how to complete a Transport Canada bill of sale. By knowing how to complete your paperwork in a prompt and comprehensive manner, you can better ensure the smoothness of your transaction.

While it may be tough to say goodbye to a boat that you have many great memories with, sometimes it is necessary. Maybe you just are not using it as much as you used to, or perhaps it is time to invest in a nicer vessel. No matter the circumstance, you will likely find that you can net a very fair price for a well-maintained previously-owned vessel. Plus, you are giving someone else a chance to forge memories of their own on a vessel that would otherwise be underused.

In order to sell your boat for top dollar, though, you may need to put on your creative marketer cap. Start by taking high-resolution photographs of your vessel, both inside and out. This will give potential buyers an accurate representation of what you are selling. Also, you will want to write an engaging bit of copy for your listing that thoroughly details your boat’s main selling points. Once you have located a buyer, and they have agreed to your price, you will then need to complete a bit of paperwork. Exactly which documents will need to be processed largely depends on your boat’s documentation status, but you should probably plan on completing a Transport Canada bill of sale.

Which Boats Require a Transport Canada Bill of Sale?

In the same way in which there are many different types of fish in the sea, so too are there a wide variety of boats on the water. From humble, wooden canoes, to large industrial shipping barges, Canada’s waters are dotted with all types of vessels. Depending on your boat, as well as what you use it for, you may need to obtain Transport Canada documentation. For most boaters, specifically, those using their vessels for purely recreational purposes, a simple pleasure craft license (PCL) will suffice. To be more precise, any boat that has an engine of 10 horsepower (7.5 kW) or more needs to apply for a PCL. PCLs are available to all, however, and you may find that having your boat documented with Transport Canada can afford you some peace of mind.

If you use your boat for any sort of commercial means, you will need to obtain a vessel registration from Transport Canada. This is also the case for vessels that are travelling internationally under the Canadian flag, as well as boats that are financed with a marine loan. When a vessel is registered, it receives a completely unique name of the owner’s choosing, along with an official number. When a registered vessel is sold, which is not an uncommon practice, a Form 6 – Bill of Sale must be completed in order to transfer the registration to the new owner. This document will call for some basic details about the vessel, as well as the buyer and seller, and the price commanded by the boat. The new buyer will then need to submit this document, along with an application package for registration to Transport Canada.

Transport Canada Bill of Sale

Complete a Form 6 – Bill of Sale Online with Our Help

If you need to file a Form 6 – Bill of Sale with Transport Canada, we can help. At the National Vessel Registry Center, we have a host of online forms for all of your Transport Canada needs. Save yourself valuable time and energy by processing your Transport Canada bill of sale online today. To learn more, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.