Boat Transport Canada Safety Tips for Autumn

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Canadian vessel documentation is important. You need it to be able to use your vessel how you want. Even more important: vessel safety. Having all of the correct documentation won’t help you or the others on your vessel should you use your craft in an unsafe manner. Fall is a lovely time to go out on Canadian waters. The foliage, the chill in the air, the birds – there’s no time of year like it. However, there are special safety concerns to keep in mind. Following these boat, Transport Canada safety tips should help you enjoy the water year-round. 

Remember: The Water May Cooler than the Temperature 

For most of us, “boating in Fall” means “boating on the absolutely nicest, warmest days of the Fall.” That makes sense, of course, if you’re sitting on the vessel, kicking back with family and friends. However, should you go into the water, that becomes another story altogether. The water might be much colder than you think. If you do go into the water (or think that you might in the course of a trip) plan and pack accordingly. 

Being Prepared for Cold Water 

As ever, wearing a personal flotation device is the right course of action. Some more recent models even have their own insulation against cold water. One thing that also provides insulation against the cold: wool. This may sound impossible or even paradoxical, but wool actually insulates even if it’s already wet. So, if you really want to prepare for going into the water, make sure you have a personal flotation device that fits comfortably over wool and even rain gear. That way, you’ll be ready for the water’s (potentially) frosty bite. 

Little Things Make a Big Difference 

You know to take lights and flares. However, something that’s often overlooked: matches. Carrying matches, in a container that’s waterproof, gives you one more option should everything else fail. By that same token, while you no doubt have your phone, taking a radio could be a genuine lifesaver. It can get a signal in those areas where you might not get a cell one. 

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For the Health of Your Vessel and Your Crew

Clear leaves off of your vessel. This might seem like a small thing. But, left alone, it can create real problems. The leaves are beautiful, of course. However, if they pile up, they lead to mildew, mold, or even pools of water. That can make even the nicest, plushest vessel dirty or a real health hazard. When you’re raking the leaves on your property, don’t forget about the ones that might accumulate on your nautical property, too. 

All of the Boat Transport Canada Documentation You’ll Need 

Much of vessel safety comes from making careful, considered preparations ahead of time. The same goes for your vessel documentation, too. You can get it all done in a matter of moments right at our site. To learn about all we have and ways we can help, you can email us or call (800) 419-9569.