2 Stroke Engine Ban in Canada: Real or Fake?

2 stroke engine ban in Canada

In recent years it is no secret that global warming, pollution and climate change have been controversial subjects, and one of the biggest challenges the future generations will face. The 2 stroke engine ban in Canada follows those concerns, and in this article we are going to try to shed some light on the matter, on a subject on which there is not a lot written about.

“Greener” Waters

Lately, the boating industry has been doing their fair share of looking into greener ways of navigating the waters and, at the same time, attracting some more environmentally-conscious customers. That is the reason why hybrid boats can be found on the market or low emission ratings have been developed.

However, there is a bit of a misconception when it comes to 2 stroke engines.

The Regulation Amending the Vessel Pollution 

In 2012, the Canadian government passed a new Law: The Vessel pollution and dangerous chemical regulations.The consequence of this was that a new emission standard was set and most of the old high-emission carburettor-based two stroke motors were non compliant with this law.

The boating industry quickly adapted to the regulations and soon all of the two-stroke engines from the new boats started to be equipped with direct fuel injection, reducing the polluting emissions.

If your plan is to buy a new boat but you were not sure because of the rumor of the 2 stroke engine ban in Canada, rest assured that all of the boats built since then respect the law.

Other Alternatives to Contribute

Getting a new boat or a new engine might not be possible for you. So a different option to help might be to replace the hose. The new law requires a hose to have a maximum permeation rate of 15g per square meter for 24 hours. A cheap alternative would be, if it is possible in your case, to just replace the hoses from the fuel tank to your boat’s engines.

Our final advice is to recommend you to inspect your fuel system annually and not only when you smell gasoline, and to avoid using B-rated fuel hoses in the engine compartment, as they are not acceptable because they are not compliant with the USCG fire rating.

2 stroke engine ban in Canada

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